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When do you think the Reserve Bank will resume increasing the Official Cash Rate?



ASB picks slower growth, weaker dollar

Slower growth and a lower dollar are on the cards for next year, according to ASB's latest economic forecast

NZ swap yields slide again

NZ 2 yr swaps slip toward 4% in pullback induced by the RBNZ election pause, pointing to a potential hedging opportunity

Key comfortable if RBNZ intervenes

PM John Key says agrees with RBNZ that NZ$ over-valued; would be comfortable if RBNZ intervened to sell it down; but restates intervention not effective in long run; NZ$ dips

Auckland Airport refinancing offshore

Auckland Airport borrows US$250 mln for 12 years at lowest borrowing margin against US Treasuries for NZ company in the last decade

RBNZ hikes, but signals pause

RBNZ signals "period of assessment"; NZ$ drops to 86 USc after Wheeler warns it could fall a lot; Pause may last til March; Door seen opening for NZ$ intervention

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; rates rise after OCR hike, Chinese PMI up, NZ trade balance strong, high LVR lending rises, swap rates fall, and more

Net migration at 11 year high

Net migration 4,300 in June; highest since Feb 2003; Net migration to Australia was zero; First time since 1991; Record high 100,000 migrants came in year to June

RBNZ 'between rock & a hard place'

ASB economists say RBNZ will lift OCR to 3.5% on Thursday, then refrain from further increases until December; Suggest communicating a pause may be a challenge

Westpac sees less pressure on interest rates

Westpac thinks the Reserve Bank will hike the OCR again next week, then hit the pause button until next year


Today's fall in dairy prices may see export values fall $5 bln, drive up the current account deficit to 6.5% of GDP and still have downside risk, says Peter Redward

Fitch revises Kiwibank rating outlook up

Outlook on Kiwibank's Fitch credit ratings revised to positive from stable off the back of credit rating agency's similar move on its NZ sovereign rating