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NZ curve steepens

BNZ pushes out its expectations of when the next RBNZ rate hike will happen, and lowers the expected peak

Taxpayers almost off wholesale guarantee hook

Curtain set to fall on Crown's bank wholesale funding guarantee scheme in November when US$71m ANZ bond is repaid

Westpac's NZ interest rate trade of the week

'Our tactical trade this week is to receive the 3mth 2yr swap at 3.99%. We expect another dovish shift from the RBNZ on Thursday morning'

Corporate bond issuance opportunities being neglected

Roger J Kerr points out there is a good opportunity for corporates to issue significant new fixed income bonds, but he also sees the inhibitions

Key warns of big pay equity costs

Key says Government considering budget costs of pay equity ruling; could add "hundreds of millions" in costs; BusinessNZ suggests law change

Fitch upgrades Heartland rating

Heartland credit rating lifted a notch, other NZ owned financial institutions' ratings affirmed by Fitch

'OBR supports stability of banking system'

RBNZ's OBR policy signals decreasing prospect of taxpayer funded bailout of NZ bank in a crisis, S&P says

Kiwi dollar holds its ground despite lower interest rate outlook

Roger J Kerr says that despite an expected dovish RBNZ Statement this week, 3% economic growth when inflation is 1% means real wealth is being created and that will support the NZD

Banks 'can and will be allowed to fail'

NZ's stable, if heavily consolidated, financial system creates 'ample scope' for new entrants, RBNZ says