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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?



More lower, flatter trending

Bond markets ignore US growth, worry about Europe and Ukraine, NZGB yields down but risks for offshore investors growing

'Fix now as low interest rates are unsustainable'

Roger J Kerr says 'market interest rate pricing is far too low in my book'. Once investors get over their geopolitical worries, they will see 'upward momentum is just so compelling'

Less budget headroom for tax cuts

Treasury sees lower budget surplus in 2014/15 due to slower economy; delays restart of NZ Super Fund contributions by a year to 2020/21; no tax cut plan before election

RBNZ stays mum on Jackson Hole

Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi will be there, but what about Graeme Wheeler?

ANZ NZ 9-month profit up 21%

ANZ group says NZ home lending, commercial lending and credit card market share up in the 9 months to June; Home loans up 1.2% in June quarter

NZ Govt Bond tender number 525 results

Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln received bids for NZ$955 mln with an average weighted yield of 4.09% (previously 4.19%)

90 seconds at 9 am

Japanese style deflation fears in Europe, Berkshire Hathaway shares top US$200k, Chinese gold demand drops, ASB says house buying sentiment down in NZ

Big banks & wholesale funding dependence

No end in sight for big 4 NZ banks' 'structural' reliance on offshore wholesale funding

No block on NZ banks issuing 'complex' debt

'Complex' bank debt securities 'that might not be suitable for many investors,' are okay for NZ retail investors, but not British ones 

Over 5% yield for 9-year LGFA bond

Latest Tender Results - LGFA Bond Tender Number 22