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NZ Govt Bond tender number 518 results

Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln received bids for NZ$851 mln with an average weighted yield of 4.40% (previously 4.37%)

Rates rally on CPI undershoot

US Treasury yields rise on positive US economic data; BoC holds rates; EU inflation adjusted lower

Anthony Healy named new BNZ CEO

Anthony Healy, currently director of BNZ Partners, to succeed Andrew Thorburn as BNZ CEO

Inflation weaker than expected

Inflation weaker than expected as strong NZ$, lower airfares and lower electronics costs offset tobacco tax hike and surge in housing cost inflation; OCR hike still on for next Thursday

English sees 20% wage growth in 6 yrs

English says Treasury will forecast GDP growth of 2-4% from 2014 to 2018 in Budget 2014; sees average wage growth of 20% in six years to 2018

Councils review reliance on rates

Local Government NZ launches council funding review; says property rates may not be sustainable; Road tolling, sales taxes, income taxes mooted as alternatives

Budget deficit worse than expected

GST, PAYE and corporate tax receipts running about NZ$550 below forecasts; English says still on track for 2014/15 surplus, but makes it tougher; Tax cuts ruled out for May 15

The risks of rising US interest rates

Roger J Kerr wonders who will buy US bonds now that the Fed is cutting back; selling pressure will force yields higher

'The carry trade is still relevant'

HiFX's Dan Bell on the rising interest rate differential between NZ & the US, and the potential for 'engineered products' to attract offshore investors to the NZ$

NZ dollar in the twilight zone

Roger J Kerr says the Trade Weighted Index is looking down the barrel of a significant drop, following whole milk powder prices lower