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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?



Debunking the post-rebuild hole myth

ANZ economists argue the eventual waning of the Christchurch rebuild won't spell doom & gloom for the wider NZ economy. But there'll be regional specific aspects to manage

GDP growth outlook being revised down

Roger J Kerr sees a sharp slowdown coming, probably with inflation. He says borrowers should fix, investors should stay short

Mortgage demand raises 2yr swap

NZ rates higher but little drive; German rates fall again, ECB expected to cut although markets not certain

Less budget headroom for tax cuts

Treasury sees lower budget surplus in 2014/15 due to slower economy; delays restart of NZ Super Fund contributions by a year to 2020/21; no tax cut plan before election

RBNZ stays mum on Jackson Hole

Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi will be there, but what about Graeme Wheeler?

ANZ NZ 9-month profit up 21%

ANZ group says NZ home lending, commercial lending and credit card market share up in the 9 months to June; Home loans up 1.2% in June quarter

NZ Govt Bond tender number 525 results

Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln received bids for NZ$955 mln with an average weighted yield of 4.09% (previously 4.19%)

90 seconds at 9 am

Japanese style deflation fears in Europe, Berkshire Hathaway shares top US$200k, Chinese gold demand drops, ASB says house buying sentiment down in NZ

Big banks & wholesale funding dependence

No end in sight for big 4 NZ banks' 'structural' reliance on offshore wholesale funding

'Fix now as low interest rates are unsustainable'

Roger J Kerr says 'market interest rate pricing is far too low in my book'. Once investors get over their geopolitical worries, they will see 'upward momentum is just so compelling'