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BNZ, Kiwibank cut 3-yr home loan rates

Cuts to three-year, fixed-term home loan rates from BNZ and Kiwibank; Kiwibank ends five-year 'special'

Westpac launches new 18 mth home loan 'special'

The Red Bank rejigs its home loan offers; targets 18 month, 3 year and 5 year terms for lower conditional rates

ASB offers NZ's lowest 4 year mortgage rate

A new set of home loan rate offers from ASB & cousins sees a more aggressive and lower position by one of our biggest mortgage banks

LVR restrictions on borrowed time?

RBNZ may signal increase to low equity mortgage lending 'speed limit' in Financial Stability Report

More reductions in mortgage rates

BNZ drops all Standard rates for terms 18 months to 7 years reflecting a flattening bias in home loan fixed rates

Interest only mortgages, the new high LVR loans?

The big banks have nearly 25% of their mortgage books paying interest only. Gareth Vaughan asks whether this is good for financial stability

Kiwibank slices 80 bps off 5yr mortgage rate

State-owned bank pitches its new longest fixed home loan rate well below its rivals, setting a dramatic new benchmark

ASB survey shows house prices expected to keep rising

ASB Housing Confidence Survey shows people expect prices to keep rising and it's not a good time to buy

SBS Bank keeps reducing mortgage rates

The latest reductions allow SBS Bank to claim the lowest home loan rate for all terms from 18 months to five years

SBS Bank pushes two year home loan rates lower

A new current low two year mortgage rate hits the market at 5.49% to start November from a bank that already has the lowest five year rate