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Usual suspects take Roy Morgan awards

TSB Bank, Kiwibank take out Roy Morgan's February customer satisfaction awards

Data on bank switching may go public

Payments NZ mulls making data on the volume of customers changing banks public as ING Direct lobbies for UK type switching system in Australia

BNZ raises many home loan rates, keeps fighting rates unchanged

BNZ raises five fixed mortgage rates as wholesale money costs creep steadily higher, but holds the line on 2 and 3 year offers

ANZ launches 2 yr fighting rate

New Zealand's biggest home loan lender gives itself a competitive mortgage rate; wholesale rates rise; Co-op raises two rates

'As few things as possible should find their way into a courtroom'

Caution for bank customers over 'some measure of danger' in litigation funder led bank penalty fees cases; 'Clients protected' by court, Fair Play on Fees says

New higher ASB lending rates

ASB follows ANZ and Westpac in adopting higher fixed rate mortgage pricing; it raises two TD rates too, and their Savings Plus bonus rates

Default KiwiSaver providers named

Commerce Minister Craig Foss today announced the selection of nine KiwiSaver default providers for a seven year term starting in July

BNZ rises above ASB in satisfaction

TSB, Kiwibank take Roy Morgan's monthly banking and finance customer satisfaction gongs again

Kiwibank raises short fixed rates

Kiwibank raises six month and one year home loan rates as customers move to fixing following OCR hike

Who has the best home loan & deposit rates?

An overview of banks' post OCR rate hikes shows ANZ both gave & took the most; Plus which banks have the lowest home loan rates & highest term deposit rates