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Moody's affirms Kiwibank rating

Kiwibank Aa3 credit rating with stable outlook affirmed by Moody's 

Kiwibank eyes leaner capital position

Kiwibank seeks to mimic Aussie owned banks and hold less capital against assets in move that would boost profit

Kiwibank nears first dividend

Kiwibank posts 36% rise in half-year profit to record $71 mln, net interest margin up 30 basis points with first dividend near

First NZ covered bond maturity next week

NZ banks' 2015 covered bond issuance expected to be similar to 2014 with first maturities due

The bank and the borrower win

Savers being squeezed by the law of supply and demand as bank net interest margins rise

Banks reduce advertising spending

ANZ again leads way in bank ad spend with TSB up to second and a big drop from ASB

Enticing borrowers

We review who offered the lowest fixed mortgage rates in 2014 and find there are two banks who consistently feature for 1 and 2 years

Five year fixed rates slip below 6%

Westpac pushes long-term fixed mortgage rates lower; other banks signal they will follow with even lower rates

Home loan rate cuts from ANZ and Co-op Bank

Two more banks slice home loan rates as mortgage market competition heats up. New market lows breached

Term deposit rate cuts keep coming

As wholesale rates fall, banks keep reducing their term deposit offers. Some opportunities are briefly open