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USD appreciation loses momentum

US employment data failed to raise pulses; central bank focus turns away from US and we could see some excitement from BoE and BoJ announcements

Swaps flatten mildly

Markets wary of a Putin "humanitarian" invasion in Ukraine; overshadows good economic indicators

'Unfair' says FSC

Chapman Tripp criticism of KiwiSaver fund taxation proposals is based on a wrong assumption, says Peter Nielson

Yields slip

Eyes on RBA decision today and NZ employment report tomorrow; yields fall in both the US and NZ

Political risk premiums to change?

Roger J Kerr looks at the likelihood the risk premium for New Zealand debt could change if we get either a change of Government or a different set of coalition partners

Global appreciation of US$ next NZ$ threat

Roger J Kerr says investors will soon get the idea that the once attractive yield return is not enough to outweigh the risk of currency depreciation

Expect pullback in yields

This week, yield direction linked to employment reports in both the US and NZ, softer in the US, stronger in NZ

NZ yields push higher

The near-term bias is for further steepening, but longer term expect to see a flatter curve: BNZ

'A push for a tax subsidy for KiwiSaver'

Chapman Tripp takes a look at the Fair Tax for Savers campaign and asks if savers are over-taxed, and if so, why?

NZ swaps takes cues from offshore

US rates market moved sharply higher in reaction to their strong GDP; eyes on NFPs