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Higher NZ swap yields unsustained

Offshore investors remain sceptical about how much further the RBNZ’s hiking cycle can go in the near-term

NZ swap yields slide again

NZ 2 yr swaps slip toward 4% in pullback induced by the RBNZ election pause, pointing to a potential hedging opportunity

Pressure building on the Federal Reserve to change their tone

Roger J Kerr says the next push upwards in US yields will be the real deal as bond investors seek better real returns

Intervention threat tips the scale

Roger J Kerr says because of hedging, the NZD can depreciate significantly over the next 6-12 months and the impact on inflation will be muted

RBNZ will note rising pricing intensions

US bonds slide on weaker US capital goods shipments, despite strong durable goods orders

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on The Economist's Big Mac index, why Auckland is rich, the World Bank's fight for relevance, rising sea levels, Yogi Berra, Dilbert & more

A generation of winners

Inflation's drop over the last 30yrs created a half trillion dollar windfall for a generation of property owners. A land tax would give landless generations a leg up

Swaps fall but bonds rise overnight

Drive to 'neutral' rates gets a pause, 'period of assessment' may last until past December

Bond yields decline, swap curve flattens

NZ-AU yields narrow as market retreats from expecting an AU rate cut, may narrow further

US dollar gains on geo-political events

Expect geo-political tensions to continue along with a flight to safe haven currencies such as the US dollar and Japanese Yen