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Friday's guest Top 10

Christian Hawkesby on NZ houses as affordable as 1985, complicated labour markets, France's need for reform, Scottish independence, the end of the term deposit glory age, Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

China's concrete explosion; NZ's China risks; The problem with maximising shareholder value; Colin Craig and Kiss; The lucky and profligate country; Dilbert

Monday's Top 10

Janet Yellen opens door; new leverage trouble; by-passing bankers; inversions and deserters; the organic problem; on greed; Yogi Berra (again); Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

David Whitburn on patriotic property investors, asks if house prices are really rising, says capital shouldn't be taxed, outs 'outrageous lie,' calls for a Bright-line test & more

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Why housing is eating the economy; What 10 year bunds under 1% means for everyone; Why 'Uncle House' wants to sell; Cartoons galore; Dilbert

Friday's guest Top 10

Nirmal Nair on smart energy, how many engineers a country needs, high school students' performance, electric vehicle technology, Finland's lessons for NZ, Dilbert & more

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on banks' need for capital; Could beef & lamb be heading for a dairy-style ride? The misery index; China's re-exporting; Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10

The 'you die, I live' force behind China's capital flight; A dangerous zero-sum game for central banks; Show us the oil and money; Dilbert

Friday's guest Top 10

Simon Botherway on global policy responses to the GFC, back to the future for banking, disintermediation, cloud-hosted software services

Monday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan on the top 10 misconceptions about economists including they never agree, are a pro-business lobby group, economics was debunked by the GFC , Dilbert & more