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Monday's Top 10

Simon Reichenbach on the battle for audience; NZME's prospects; David Kirk's new venture; local oil; solar energy; Tiwai Point's future; 3D printing; Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Oliver Hartwich on NZ's rock star economy, violent shocks for global economy, Germany the sick man of Europe, the wrong economics, Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10

How the young are priced out of Britain; Young UK workers' wages down 15% since 2007; ECAN's high nitrate levels; An Ebola effect?; The amazing magic leap machine; Dilbert

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on our wood advantage; our rock star RGNDI; rethinking deflation fears; the problem with creativity; working hours; Will Rogers; Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10

 Do NZers know their term deposits could be given haircuts? Apparently not; The German Patient; Where Auckland's young migrated; Why NZ is drying out; Dilbert

Friday's guest Top 10

Shamubeel Eaqub on ending corporate welfare, repay or repent, preventing the next GFC, fancy modelling vs common sense, Dilbert and more

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Water 4.0; Why the world is trapped in a doom loop of credit booms; How the Living Wage worked in NZ; Breaking the (euro) buck; John Oliver forfeits and Jerry Seinfeld advertises; Dilbert

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on buoyant markets amid geopolitical chaos; the impact of credit scores; CCS; China's payback expectations; peak sand; Peter Thiel, Naomi Wolf; Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Elizabeth Davies on student debt struggles, a 20c tip, dining below the line, cookies and rent, happiness and bravery (or stupidity), the definition of success, Dilbert & more

Monday's guest Top 10

Carlos Chambers on building up not out, Alibaba, growth and reducing carbon pollution, NZ's fossil fuel industry, Gareth Morgan's Bluegreen Party and more