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Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on irrigation, Alibaba, a 15 year aberration, more education equals higher incomes, the benefits of fracking; Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan sifts through three political parties' policies to try and help him decide who to vote for

Monday's Top 10

The motherhood penalty; Stevens hard to impress; US$2.5 tln not enough; Draghi creates a cash problem; household budgets; capital vs democracy; solar grunt; Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Matthew Bartlett on the good investment of poverty reduction, who really shoulders the tax burden, a polite response to Gareth Morgan, S&P getting stuck in, Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10

 NZ's new cash sniffing devices; Those amazing Dutch farmers; China's new securitisation boom; John Key talking about Mr Slater; Oily cartoons galore; Dilbert

Monday's Top 10

A better carbon tax; cars as fat cells; Kiwi cows to China; spike in consumer credit demand; the world’s most lucrative shakedown operation; the less you know, the more you make; Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Christian Hawkesby on NZ houses as affordable as 1985, complicated labour markets, France's need for reform, Scottish independence, the end of the term deposit glory age, Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

China's concrete explosion; NZ's China risks; The problem with maximising shareholder value; Colin Craig and Kiss; The lucky and profligate country; Dilbert

Monday's Top 10

Janet Yellen opens door; new leverage trouble; by-passing bankers; inversions and deserters; the organic problem; on greed; Yogi Berra (again); Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

David Whitburn on patriotic property investors, asks if house prices are really rising, says capital shouldn't be taxed, outs 'outrageous lie,' calls for a Bright-line test & more