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Daily exchange rates

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We update this chart twice each day, from the same data the drives our 'live-rates' charts.

The 7:00 am update picks up the exchange rate near the end of day trading in northern hemisphere markets.

At 3:00 pm the RBNZ publishes its daily benchmark rate, as at 11:10 am that same day, and these rates are then added to this chart.

End of week trading in New York gives the Saturday rate, and this is added when the New York market closes.

See our 'live-rate' tool for real-time exchange rates. Or check the live charts in our Currency section »

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Commodity Prices Just Crashed

Commodity Prices Just Crashed To A 12-Year Low


Thanks... yet speculation

yet speculation that oil has bottomed,
uh huh.
and US retail sales poor,
"Retail sales fell last month in a broad-based retreat that prompted some economists to cut their U.S. growth forecasts."
what is real and what is wishful thinking....

New and used motor vehicle

New and used motor vehicle sale alone jumped by $86 billion in CY2014 or nearly 9%. Then again, during the most recent 12 months auto loans outstanding soared by $89 billion. Roughly speaking, therefore, consumers borrowed every dime they spent on auto purchases and took home a few billion extra in spare change.
The point here is that no economy can thrive for long—especially one already at “peak  debt”—-based on consumer “spending” that is 100% dependent upon borrowed funds. Yet that has been the essence of the retail sales rebound since the Great Recession officially ended in June 2009. Auto sales, which have been heavily financed by borrowing, are up by about 70%; the balance of non-auto retail sales, where consumer credit outstanding is still below the pre-crisis peak, has gained only 22%.