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Is there really a housing shortage? Property
18 Apr 14, 8:00am
Alistair Helm 10
Alistair Helm looks for a way to better assess the state of the NZ property market and finds it has turned
What happened Thursday News
17 Apr 14, 3:30pm
David Chaston
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; job ads lift, welfare rolls shrink, confidence rises, NZGS bond demand strong, swap rates rise
Bernard's Top 10 at 10 Opinion
17 Apr 14, 11:51am
Bernard Hickey 20
How money really works; Will the world's new middle classes drop back into poverty?; Charting the pigs in the python; Tony Alexander and the carry trade; Jon Stewart; Dilbert
Contrasting peer-to-peer lending applicants Personal Finance
18 Apr 14, 7:00am
Gareth Vaughan
NZMEA CEO John Walley, entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett apply to FMA for peer-to-peer lending licence; Harmoney, led by ex-Pacific Retail Finance GM, also applying
Genesis shares an instant hit Updated Business
17 Apr 14, 1:18pm
David Hargreaves 11
Shares in the last of the SOE partial privatisations have the best debut of the lot





Personal Finance



Mixed Chinese data sees NZD bounce back

After the USD/NZD traded below 86 cents the NZD bounced back as market believes OCR will rise by 25 basis points next week
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