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About the same.
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Better off.
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Much better off.
21% (25 votes)
Much worse off.
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Worse off.
15% (18 votes)
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Roost Home Loan Affordability report for July Property
27 Aug 14, 1:59pm
Bernard Hickey 1
NZ home loan affordability improves again in July after more house price falls, Roost Home Loan Affordability Reports show. But Auckland missing out on affordability gains
Rents rise faster in Christchurch than Auckland Property
27 Aug 14, 10:37am
Greg Ninness 28
Rents in some parts of Christchurch have risen more than 60% over five years, leaving Auckland rents in their dust
Bernard's Top 10 at 10 Opinion
27 Aug 14, 10:42am
Bernard Hickey 15
China's concrete explosion; NZ's China risks; The problem with maximising shareholder value; Colin Craig and Kiss; The lucky and profligate country; Dilbert
Banks can withhold proceeds of property sales Property
27 Aug 14, 11:46am
Greg Ninness 5
Banking Ombudsman warns investors to check with their bank before selling properties to release capital
'The future is uncertain' Opinion
27 Aug 14, 2:58pm
Colin Lynch of Statistics NZ responds to some recent criticism of their work with population projection ranges





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Risk on mood among traders

Bullish signs coming out of US with data exceeding expectations; NZD trades lower on disappointing trade balance