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When do you think the Reserve Bank will resume increasing the Official Cash Rate?



Pluses and minuses of ANZ KiwiSaver fee changes

ANZ's OnePath KiwiSaver scheme cuts member fee to align with bank scheme; devil in the detail as more aggressive investors with larger balances worse off; Will ANZ consolidate funds?

Assessing Labour's KiwiSaver proposals

The RPRC looks at the new Labour Party KiwiSaver policy in detail, identifying the helpful aspects and calling out new problems they will cause

Labour wants universal KiwiSaver at 9%

Labour proposes universal KiwiSaver scheme with exemptions for very low paid, beneficiaries and self employed; sees contributions rising to 9%

Please don’t force me to save

Nigel Pinkerton says making KiwiSaver compulsory is a step too far; many committed savers don't need it, many low income people will face unfair deductions

KiwiSaver returns - the top performers

A summary of the regular savings returns to March 2014 across the entire risk spectrum; we assess long-term track records

Does high risk really give better long-run returns?

We review the regular savings returns for aggressive & growth KiwiSaver funds, identifying who has the best long-term returns

Does higher risk give a better return?

We review the regular savings returns for Moderate and Balanced KiwiSaver funds, identifying who has the best longterm returns

Updated KiwiSaver returns

We compare the KiwiSaver returns of all conservative funds, including default funds, using our unique 'regular savings' method of assessing performance

'What about the capital account?'

Kudos for innovative thinking but the current account deficit isn't the full picture, outgoing BNZ boss says of Labour's monetary policy

VSR – variable savings rate or very silly regulation?

Gareth Kiernan critiques the reasoning behind the new Labour Party VSR policy - he has ten reasons why he is not a fan