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Updated KiwiSaver returns

We compare the KiwiSaver returns of all conservative funds, including default funds, using our unique 'regular savings' method of assessing performance

Fate of KiwiSaver balances in a bankruptcy unclear

Chapman Tripp highlight the problems KiwiSaver members have if they become bankrupt, and recently muddied by a High Court ruling

Default KiwiSaver providers named

Commerce Minister Craig Foss today announced the selection of nine KiwiSaver default providers for a seven year term starting in July

Good year for NZ Inc

Net household financial assets reach highest level ever in 2013

Cunliffe's 'economic upgrade'

Labour leader outlines his economic vision for New Zealand with major speech in Auckland

'10 KiwiSaver default providers manageable'

ANZ Wealth boss John Body says doubling number of KiwiSaver default providers would be manageable for the industry; Favours move to 'lifestyle' investment

Get stuck in while you are young

Craig Simpson contemplates how much a young New Zealander will need to have saved to retire comfortably and suggests reviewing your KiwiSaver strategy 

Review of KiwiSaver returns to December 31

KiwiSaver returns show equity dominant strategies continuing to outperform; Actively managed bank schemes superior across many categories

'No investment is absolutely guaranteed'

Retail investors' understanding of risk & diversification still lacking, departing FMA boss says; Sees too many eggs in property basket; Questions role of vested interests in KiwiSaver regulation

Don't rely on fund name to assess risk

Categorising KiwiSaver funds into various buckets is not as simple as assessing how much is exposed to shares