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Before the end of 2014.
37% (53 votes)
Not until some time next year.
35% (50 votes)
It won't, this tightening cycle is done and dusted.
28% (40 votes)
Total voters: 143

When do you think the Reserve Bank will resume increasing the Official Cash Rate?

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Tyndall Investment Management New Zealand Profile

NameTyndall Investment Management New Zealand


[From Manager's website]

Our Investment Philosophy

As an active investment manager, Tyndall takes a medium term approach and focuses on using its research-based information advantage to add value over time, to achieve its clients' investment objectives.

Tyndall's investment process focuses on return and risk. Tyndall specialises in investment management while operating within the controlled risk environment of a large corporate. Tyndall believes that the sound human judgement of our domestic team and offshore managers is crucial to successful implementation of the investment strategy.

Tyndall’s investment philosophy flows through to the investment management of each asset class – both those that are internally and externally managed. Tyndall regularly reviews its investment philosophy and style to help ensure they remain relevant and effective.

Domestic Fixed Interest Management

Tyndall’s fixed income team believes that the purpose of a fixed income portfolio is to provide capital stability and reliable income and aim to create diversified portfolios with sound risk characteristics. The team believe that active management by experienced investment managers will provide superior investment returns and make a difference to client outcomes.

Domestic Equities Management

Tyndall’s philosophy is based on the premise that the New Zealand market is information inefficient. As a result, we believe that active management utilising in-house research by our joint equity managers and fundamental analysis will provide out-performance over the full investment cycle. Tyndall believes that early identification of investment ideas and themes in the New Zealand and Australian capital markets create wealth that leads to investment success. This requires not only a thorough evaluation of efficient and accurate information, but also the flexibility to react to changing market fundamentals and environments. Diversity of return generators in the portfolio ensures that a wide range of investment opportunities are captured.

Global Asset Management

With regard to offshore assets, Tyndall selects and employs overseas based managers who are sector specific specialists. In selecting these managers we look to identify those managers who are best placed to achieve the performance objectives and whose philosophies are aligned broadly with Tyndall’s own.