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3 Aug 15, 5:18pm
PM says decision on Solid Energy's future due from next week; banks in control
3 Aug 15, 4:02pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; sharp cuts in mortgage rates, housing markets tighten, FMA change, fat returns for linkers, sharp swap rate falls
3 Aug 15, 3:18pm
ANZ economists see farmers getting prices 5%-8% less for their milk in future than they have on average in the past
3 Aug 15, 2:17pm
Fonterra cuts product available in global auction ahead of key decisions on prices for farmers
3 Aug 15, 1:00pm
Professor Siah Hwee Ang on what's motivating the Chinese to invest in NZ, and why NZ is behind the ball when it comes to investing in China
3 Aug 15, 12:15pm
A modern apartment with a car park near Britomart sells for $115,000
3 Aug 15, 12:07pm
Review leaves NZ Super Fund's Reference Portfolio heavily weighted to equities
3 Aug 15, 11:02am
Outgoing Banking Ombudsman says banks should 'better serve & protect those who technology is leaving behind'
3 Aug 15, 10:12am
NZ Initiative's Jenesa Jeram asks whether there can ever be a consensus on what inclusion is, and what successful inclusion would look like
3 Aug 15, 9:17am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, August 3, 2015
3 Aug 15, 8:55am
Roger J Kerr says the fall in the NZD is giving a real boost to local exporters. However, lower volatility may see the NZD hold, even rise from here
3 Aug 15, 8:41am
Power company Meridian strikes new deal with aluminium smelter's owners to keep smelter going at least till 2018
3 Aug 15, 8:20am
Volatile movements in USD on soft US employment data; St Louis Fed President says US economy is good shape; big data week with plenty to move currencies
3 Aug 15, 8:13am
Surprisingly soft q-on-q US wage growth sees yields 'plunge'. NZ yields fell too but are yet to reflect the Friday US moves
3 Aug 15, 7:26am
US wages rise, bolsters rate hike case; TPP talks break down; Russia cuts rates; iron ore price falls; UST 10yr yield down to 2.19%; oil lower, gold higher; NZ$1 = 65.9 US¢, TWI-5 = 70.8
2 Aug 15, 4:03pm
Savers earn record low returns for their cash, while the capital value of assets like houses (or jobs) push on up into the clouds
2 Aug 15, 5:01am
Bernard Hickey says rather than just debating foreign buying of houses we should be having a tougher debate about migration
1 Aug 15, 3:34pm
Ex-NZ financial service provider allegedly behind major international fraud boasted to investors of its NZ 'licence' & NZ regulatory oversight
1 Aug 15, 11:07am
Some Aussie banks are offering lower fixed mortgage rates in New Zealand than they offer in Australia, even as their OCR is 1% lower across the ditch
1 Aug 15, 5:01am
Only 2.8% of searches for Auckland properties on came from east Asia
31 Jul 15, 5:55pm
31 Jul 15, 4:02pm
31 Jul 15, 2:24pm
31 Jul 15, 12:54pm
30 Jul 15, 4:00pm
30 Jul 15, 1:03pm
30 Jul 15, 8:39am
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