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A 'she'll be right' attitude towards life insurance

Why New Zealanders are bucking the Asian trend by caring more about insuring their belongings than themselves

Average property value surges in Auckland

Average Auckland property values surged 5% in the three months to February, but other centres posted more modest gains QV says

Rising US rates to put pressure on us

Markets confused over likely RBA signal; will react whatever outcome. Markets see RBNZ needing to react to whatever RBA recides

You can’t grow an economy

The NZ Initiative's Rose Patterson argues the economy and society are built by people, not by governments

Tracking the Baltic Dry Index now fairly pointless

Forget the Baltic Dry angst - world trade is growing at healthy rates

Market expecting RBA to cut rates

China's rate cut sets scene for Australia to follow suit; expectations NZD/AUD could go higher; oil price still not found the bottom

Waiting for new signals

NZD awaits some major data, poised to react. First it is the RBA, then the dairy auction, then US interest rate policy

90 seconds at 9 am: China slips

US incomes rise, consumer spending falls; global factories busy, except Australia; China lowers sights; eyes on RBA; UST 10yr up to 2.05%; NZ$1 = 75.1 USc, TWI = 79

Harmonising the Money Machine with P2P

Elizabeth Kerr openly experiments with peer to peer lending using Harmoney

Key over-rules Authority on MPs' pay

Cabinet decides to change law for Remuneration Authority to ensure future pay increases for MPs are in line with rest of public sector; Solid Energy in 'delicate' talks with banks

Magnetic milk – the lure of dairy investment down under

Rabobank warns of intense competition and the risk of oversupply in dairy markets, plus the uncertainty of a new focus by regulators

ANZ, ASB have highest ave pay of big banks

Average annual pay per worker across the big five banks rises 5.6%

'Milk' the foreigners

Gareth Morgan says that instead of turning foreigners away, we should be making sure we get money out of them. Your view?

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; Kiwibank meets market, terms of trade surprise, another kiwi at CBA, swaps soft, kiwi firm

TSB Bank profit smashed

TSB tumbles into the red in December quarter on Solid Energy write-off; Cost to income ratio strong

Composition of migrant inflows and their economic impact

Migration gain, with students from India significant, having more subdued impact on house prices than in previous immigration boom, Treasury says

Rating the chances of change

Roger J Kerr asks how sustainable the current totally “flat” NZ interest rate yield curve is

Moving into the poor house

Elizabeth Davies finds the costs of relocating two-and-a-half hours down the road prohibitive

Auckland Council bonds

Auckland Council considers retail bonds issue to raise as yet unspecified amount

Stuck in a groove

Roger J Kerr sees a number of balancing factors both positive and negative for the NZ dollar; meaning the currency is likely to stay in its current range

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