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90 seconds at 9 am: Waiting for Scotland

US households wealthier; US jobless claims in big drop; Irish economy grows fast; ECB plans falls flat; UST 10yr 2.63%; NZ$1 = US$0.814, TWI = 78.4

Don't expect a flood of property listings

The election is unlikely to turn the housing market's spring surge into a king tide

'Productivity has increased way ahead of wage growth'

Living wage and apprenticeships a key focus for the CTU this election. Happiest with the Greens and Labour

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; best growth since 2007, US Fed impacts NZ, low crude, high petrol, swap rates zoom higher

Govt helping hand for Solid Energy, again

Solid Energy's $103m land remediation indemnity tab covered by taxpayers to prevent SOE falling into negative equity; Labour's Cosgrove puts boot into govt

Polls show National likely to win

National in poll position to win with support of either Winston Peters or Colin Craig; Final leaders debate inconclusive; Craig's PR person quits and calls him 'manipulative'

GDP growth highest since 2007

Annual GDP growth was 3.5% for year to June, quarterly GDP rose 0.7%. Both figures slightly below RBNZ expectations

USD volatile while Fed data absorbed

Weaker Q2 NZ-GDP data expected to weigh on the NZD which is drifting lower after the US Fed announcements

Fed forecasts show rate rises planned

Higher Fed Funds assumptions above market expectations, targeting 3.75% by end of 2017; new DMO bond auction today

90 seconds at 9 am: US QE nears end

Fed stays the course with unchanged signals; papers show US rates may rise 1% next year; focus shifts to UK and Scottish vote; UST 10yr 2.57%; NZ$1 = US$0.816, TWI = 78.3

Auckland Council's earthquake prone building notice overturned

Auckland Council may face legal action over "incorrect" earthquake notice on building being converted to upmarket apartments

Lawyers want visual diagrams for borrowers

NZ Law Society calls for visual diagrams to help borrowers understand fees and interest over the life of a credit contract

RBNZ delves into the cost of credit ratings

RBNZ review of credit rating exemptions for NBDTs highlights the attraction of the cheaper P2P business model

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; dairy payout in focus, BOP deficit improves, farm sales weak, swap rates fall

September log market report

Export log prices in strong rebound in September on good China demand and cut-back shipments; NZ in good position for growing demand from India

Future of red meat promotion under threat

Allan Barber is concerned about an industry inability to agree on an effective country-of-origin promotion strategy. Your view?

ASB, Westpac cut forecast Fonterra payouts

ASB, Westpac both cut 2014-15 forecast Fonterra payout by 50c to $5.30 per kg of milk solids; See 2015/16 payouts of $6.50 & $6.60 respectively

Mortgagee sale achieves 7% yield

A Weymouth house in need of TLC gets plenty of bids at mortgagee auction

The Weekly Dairy Report

Production ahead but auction results unsure  more volumes are needed

Q2 Balance of payments shows export fall

Annual current account deficit shrinks to -2.5% of GDP, down from -2.7% in March and as expected. But exports fall in June quarter

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