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Wealth incentivises the heart of capitalism

The crime is not being rich, the crime is we don’t tax all the income that wealth can earn says Morgan Foundation's Geoff Simmons. Your view?

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; BNZ special, record deficit, unhappy staff at ANZ, Heartland loses a top official, high LVR lending jumps, swap rates rise and steepen

Banks 'can and will be allowed to fail'

NZ's stable, if heavily consolidated, financial system creates 'ample scope' for new entrants, RBNZ says

Residential yields below 6% in most places

Landlords may be cheering capital gains but low rental yields make bargains hard to find

2nd ANZ strike underway, more to come

First Union affiliated ANZ staff striking again as industrial relations dispute ramps up

Record trade deficit

A spike in aircraft imports comes as exports fall and we splurge on new and used cars

Does money make money?

Geoff Simmons thinks the Thomas Piketty inequality analysis suffers from being very Western Europe oriented, whereas the global picture shows a different and better picture. Your view?

NZD falls sharply following CPI data

Benign inflation result means RBNZ in no hurry to hike rates; positive US data boosts USD; equity markets higher overnight

NZD pummeled over last 24 hours

NZDUSD down 1.4% following Q3 CPI release; OCR expectations reduce; Global PMI readings above expectations

Rates now close to cycle trough

Market sentiment rises as Eurozone manufacturing expanding again. Yields rise worldwide and NZ expected to follow

BNZ cuts its 3yr home loan rate

The mortgage rate reductions keep coming with another bank pitching its latest change near the bottom of the range as wholesale rates droop

90 seconds at 9 am: WMP prices rise

US jobs picture brightens; factories stronger except in France; UST 10yr 2.28%; gold lower; WMP prices up; NZ$1 = US$0.782, TWI = 76.2

The Healy index

BNZ CEO Anthony Healy says where New Zealand's at can be judged by five numbers

Harmoney attracts New York backer

Blue Elephant Capital Management to lend US$50 mln through NZ P2P lender Harmoney over 2 years, Says NZ in need of well-priced capital

Vendors holding out for more at apartment auction

Bidders offer top dollar for Auckland CBD apartments but still couldn't clinch deals

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; FMA warning, massive housing value surge, another housing Accord, expanding dairying, sharp falls in swap rates and the NZD

Five questions for reporting season

Country's big four banks heading for strong annual profits, but what answers to five key questions will they provide?

Fletcher wins government housing contract

Fletcher to build 237 homes on Crown land at Hornby in Christchurch

Changes afoot in Japanese rice farming

Allan Barber wonders if the long-standing reluctance of Japan to open up its markets to agricultural imports may be coming to an end as its rice farming 'rots from the inside'

OCR seen on hold until Sept 2015

CPI up just 0.3% in Sept qtr and 1.0% for the year; well below economists' forecasts; NZ$ drops half a cent to 78.7 USc; OCR seen firmly on hold until September 2015

Feature of the Week

The NZIER quarterly survey of business opinion (QSBO).

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