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It will fall back to about A92 cents
32% (110 votes)
It will likely end up about where it is now around A97 cents
19% (66 votes)
It will overtake the Australian dollar and head towards A$1.02 or even higher
19% (66 votes)
It will hit parity A$1.00
17% (57 votes)
It will stop just short of parity at around A99 cents
13% (46 votes)
Total voters: 345

Where do you think the NZ dollar could end up against the Aussie dollar by the end of the year?

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90 seconds at 9 am: ECB QE arrives

ECB to start bond buying on Monday, warns Greeks; UK SFO investigating the BofE; Brazil raises rates; UST 10yr yields up to 2.12%; NZ$1 = 74.6 USc, TWI = 78.8

Roll up for the great state house sale

David Hargreaves tries to make sense out of the Government's plans to shift more social housing into the hands of  community providers

Govt eyes unclogging High Court of quake cases

Government consulting on whether to give independent dispute resolution bodies more power to handle costly insurance-related disputes 

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; visitors spend up large, RBNZ shames JPMorgan (sort of), RBNZ's review hits NZD, linker yield rises

RBNZ spotlight on property investor loans

RBNZ says it's looking at 3 possible ways to categorise mortgage loans to residential property investors; Says move could 'facilitate the introduction of a macro-prudential property investor policy'

Inflation Indexed Bond tender number 536 results

September 2035 Government inflation linked tender attracts strong demand while weighted accepted average yield jumps to 2% (previously 1.8%)

ASB 'official bank' of the All Blacks

ASB reveals rugby sponsorship deal touting itself as the official bank of the All Blacks; Could a rival bank muscle in as official KiwiSaver provider?

Olly Newland warns there will be tears

Olly Newland says property investors are repeating mistakes from before the 2008 downturn & more should consider investing in commercial property; Warns against Blue Chip type schemes

Aussie housing market focus

Investors continue pouring into Aussie residential property as NAB, ANZ gain mortgage market share

Heartland's new products pledge

Heartland Bank eyes targeting consumers before their time of purchase decision with approved credit facility

Govt eyes new Auckland intervention

Smith says Govt planning new regulatory interventions in Auckland; says tough decisions needed on Heritage overlays restricting supply; Govt addressing RBNZ densification concerns

NZD/AUD peppers all time highs

Euro sold off ahead of ECB meeting; NZD/AUD & NZD/EUR cross rates keep climbing; Bank of Canada holds rates

Euro sinks despite positives

Euro at its lowest level since 2003, and now at a new record low vs the NZD. NZD pushing higher against the AUD too

Speculators position for higher yields

NZ swap and bond yields move sharply higher across the curve. US payrolls and services expanding. Eyes on US non-farm payrolls

90 seconds at 9 am: Services shine

US jobs grow as service sector expands; eurozone retail keeps expanding; India cuts rates again; Murray worries; UST 10yr yields 2.10%; NZ$1 = 75.8 USc, TWI = 79.8

Auckland, national rents on the rise

Rents spike in South and West Auckland. Overall Auckland and national rents up more than 4% year-on-year 

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; TSB cuts td rates, jump in mortgage values, jump in median rents, Barfoot's prices ease, swap rates jump

The great property debate

Matthew Gilligan relates a case study comparing investment returns in Auckland's Otara and Remuera - with surprising results

The Weekly Dairy Report

Price momentum maintained at auction as autumn looks more hopeful for rain

Barfoot's selling prices ease back in February

Barfoot & Thompson's median selling price eased back in February as buyers showed "more caution"

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