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Disruption on the road ahead

Bernard Hickey asks why the Government is over-spending on motorways when new technologies could render them white elephants

Big changes afoot in red meat sector

Allan Barber says that significant progress may soon be possible if a moratorium on new licences can underpin capacity rationalisation without stifling innovation or competition

China cuts its benchmark rates

First rate cut in more than two years surprises markets; part of a broader effort to support a slowing Chinese economy

Rabobank Sep quarter profit up 31%

Rabobank quarterly profit jumps as impairments fall

'General Equity house' for sale

NZ registered building society the FMA advised giving a wide berth to, looking to sell its Auckland office

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; more home loan rate cuts, bigger credit card debt, sharing with our new best friends, Arvida gets its money

NZX, Air NZ deals with Chinese bank

Bank of China unveils memoranda of understanding with NZX, Air NZ, China Construction Bank open in NZ too

Meat trade unrecognisable from 40 years ago

Allan Barber reviews the history of the redmeat processing industry which shows both farmers and processors have made tremendous progress

Apartment triples in value in 3 years

 Recladding triples the value of an apartment in a  formerly leaky building

'Don't shackle Auckland'

Motu study argues there are 4 key factors behind faster growing NZ towns and cities including sunshine hours and proximity to Auckland; Says Australia wins if Auckland's significantly restrained

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan takes a look at income inequality in NZ, including why it is there

Chinese & eurozone PMI numbers disappoint

Manufacturing data from China and eurozone sets early tone for markets; sentiment improves on US CPI numbers and better-than-expected unemployment claims; commodity prices firmer

Volatility in US treasuries

US treasury yields flicking up and down on data; Federal Reserve acknowledges downside risks to global growth and substantial improvement to domestic US labour market

USD volatility data driven

China's economic growth balanced on a knife edge; Eurozone PMI data a blow to hopes of a recovery into year-end; conflicting US data sees USD spike, slump, then recover

BNZ, Kiwibank cut 3-yr home loan rates

Cuts to three-year, fixed-term home loan rates from BNZ and Kiwibank; Kiwibank ends five-year 'special'

90 seconds at 9 am: Momentum swings to US

US data strong for housing, factories and employment; eurozone and China factory data weak; China to cap coal use; UST 10yr 2.31%; NZ$1 = 78.5 USc, TWI = 78.2

Dairy farm prices still rising

Dairy farm prices are up but the number of sales has dropped

Key trumpets 10 deals with China

PM John Key says 10 new 'agreements and arrangements' reached with China including agreement to amend free trade agreement

New bank notes coming next year

Our money is getting a colourful makeover and its own website

What to expect from the Aussie FSI

Citi analysts outline 4 expectations from the Australian Financial System Inquiry's final report

Feature of the Week

This data is from the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

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