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What the RBNZ decision means

Bernard Hickey looks at what the RBNZ's countenancing of a possible rate cut means for mortgage rates and property prices

Luxurious Sebel waterfront apartment sells for half price

A leasehold apartment in the luxurious Sebel complex at Viaduct Harbour sells for less than half its 2001 purchase price

What happened today

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; a day of lower everything - less milk, bigger trade deficit, cheaper debt, lower interest rates, a lower currency

Banks get serve for treatment of remitters

RBNZ says banks must have good reason to deprive money remitters of access to financial services, says 'blanket de-risking' not acceptable

EQC 'ready for another disaster'

EQC at 70, a great asset for NZ or an aggressive muddler? Gerry Brownlee, EQC CEO Ian Simpson and lawyer Andrew Hooker have their say. Your view?

RBNZ 'pouring petrol on housing fire'

RBNZ 'taking a premature gamble with the housing market,' BNZ's Stephen Toplis argues, saying its own actions encourage the behaviour it doesn't want to see

Wholesale interest rates fall

Markets bid down wholesale interest rate swaps along with the NZD following RBNZ decision; sets up lower fixed home loan rates and lower term deposit rates

BNZ unveils 'Mission Zero'

BNZ offers borrowers incentive to pay off more than the minimum monthly credit card repayment; Aiming to help reduce the amount of money borrowers pay in credit card interest

Oil and gold prices tumble

Investor's remain short on expectation of shift in stance from RBNZ; oil and gold prices hammered, while global equity markets mixed

Markets now see OCR cut in 2015

RBNZ holds OCR at 3.5%; says will hold rate "for some time" and OCR "adjustments up or down" will depend on data; NZ$ drops below 74 USc; Swap rates fall; Markets price in rate cut

90 seconds at 9 am: Yellen's 'patient' message

Fed signals rate rises coming; China cuts growth targets, Singapore trims peg; Australia wary of inflation; NZ$1 = 74.6 USc, TWI = 77.5

Pockets of explosions

Markets and policy makers get the jitters ahead of US Fed announcements. Greek hardball may backfire

Strong Kauri issues

Strong demand for NZD rate products. Swap markest await signals from RBNZ

Banks reduce advertising spending

ANZ again leads way in bank ad spend with TSB up to second and a big drop from ASB

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; social housing focus, Aussie inflation embeds, BNZ takes a different path, eyes on the Fed and RBNZ, NZ swap rates rise

The problem with lifestyle blocks

Is the 10 acre block 'the worst environmental crime being committed in NZ?' Hamish Hutton explains the issue and offers a solution

Govt to sell up to 2,000 houses

Key details wider social housing reforms, including selling up to 2,000 state houses in coming year; more social housing subsidies to cost extra NZ$40 mln a year; Housing groups lukewarm

How many govt departments does it take to build a counter?

Three government departments and a district council needed to decide how high a reception counter should be

KiwiAssure still on cards for Labour

Andrew Little to re-consider establishing State-owned insurer; Says his feelings towards KiwiAssure aren’t the same as those towards Labour's capital gains tax

Bernard's Top 10

Greece set to run out of cash within weeks; China's brilliant GDP base; Why aren't NZ insurance premia falling with global reinsurance rates? ; John Oliver is a shade of grey; Dilbert

Feature of the Week

This quarterly series tracks the prices New Zealand exporters and importers get or pay in international trade transactions.

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