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Housing costs rising faster than incomes

Housing costs are rising faster than household incomes but people are also putting more emphasis on paying down their mortgages

The property market in pictures

ANZ's economics team runs us through the property market in 16 charts; Says recent monthly data hints at a potential second wind

Spotlight on Responsible Lending Code

Chapman Tripp says 'rigorous' checks and procedures in draft Responsible Lending Code could make it hard for lenders to grant home buyers pre-approvals

NZD higher on weaker US data

AUD-USD hits a 4yr low and NZD-AUD jumps to a 4 month high; equities mixed, oil falls

Disappointing US data

NZD makes gains against the AUD as markets bet RBA will cut rates; eyes now on NZ trade balance which might be larger than expected

Yields sink further

Mixed data out of the US sees the slump in US yields extended, the NZ 2-10 curve back at 50 bps on local flattening

90 seconds at 9 am: Europe's investment offensive

US data mixed; EU announces NZ$½ tln fiscal 'investment'; usual suspects sued over precious metals price fixing; oil lower; UST 10yr yields down; NZ$1 = 78.8 USc, TWI = 78.5

Smith and Auckland Housing Accord praised and damned

Nick Smith and Len Brown pat each other's backs over the Auckland Housing Accord while Phil Twyford snipes from the sidelines

$512k gets you 56sq m in downtown Auckland

Bidders are out in force for better quality apartments

Strong September quarter for Co-op Bank

The Co-operative Bank delivers 26% rise in quarterly profit as home loan growth outpaces overall market

Heartland on track

Heartland Bank increases quarterly profit by 13% with finance receivables up 3.1%

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; Westpac raises credit card rates, mortgage market jumps, Graeme Hart's junk, real national savings, swap rates flatten

Something new for investors

We have launched a new rate resource page revealing peer-to-peer investment opportunities for investors

Bernard's Top 10

How Europe is turning Japanese; Just restructure the euro-debt; World Bank's dire climate change warning; The Chinese general's tonne of cash; Dilbert

The dangers of a botched redundancy

EY's Christie Hall and Nicholas Chan highlight a new hands-on approach by the courts to redundancy & why employers need to take notice

The Weekly Dairy Report

Weather issues in the south but NI regions have plenty of grass

US GDP well above expectations

NZD lower against majors, NZDUSD trading at 78c after falling to 77.6c; US Q3 GDP surprises with strong 3.9% p.a. reading; mixed global equity markets; oil price hammered again

The NZD weaker on most crosses

Global risk appetite 'healthy', EUR and JPY strengthen, AU building activity probably declined

Sinking yields

Boost from surprise US Q3 strength not sustained as latest consumer confidence reading underwhelms

90 seconds at 9 am: Oil and iron ore prices slump

US growth revised higher; OECD worried about Japan and eurozone; iron ore price slumps; Aussie banks splurge on cheap money; oil price falls; NZ$1 = 78.0 USc, TWI = 77.9

Feature of the Week

This data is from the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

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