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Investor confidence high in Auckland, Queenstown

Commercial property investors remain optimistic about the market in most parts of the country except Palmerston North and Northland - Colliers survey

Key to rip up RMA reforms

PM says will have to "rip up" RMA reforms and go back to drawing board; will abandon rewrite of sections 6 and 7; denies 'tide is turning' talk and says most will say 'yeah whatever'

Encouraging sound fiscal policy

NZ Initiative's Khyaati Acharya calls for new official limits on government spending

Weighed down by stigma

Commodity-linked currencies take a hit as the iron ore slumps further and oil falls, although NZD pushes higher against the AUD

'More assertive than the snail’s pace assumed'

Yellen's signals to build on rising and steepening rate moves in local markets. Bond-swap spreads widen

90 seconds at 9 am: A tax on bank deposits

US growth cools, confidence holds; Greece eyes drachma comeback; China wary of deflation; Aust to tax bank deposits; bond yields rise; oil and gold falls; NZ$1 = 75.6 USc, TWI = 80.2

A 'good' deflation debate

Bernard Hickey argues the Reserve Bank and Bill English should stop turning a blind eye to the breach of the bank's 1-3% inflation target, and actually have a debate about widening or lowering the target.

Winston wins Northland by-election

NZ First Leader Winston Peters wins Northland by-election with 4,012 vote majority; National will need Dunne, Maori or NZ First to pass RMA; Key's first loss

Landcorp optimistic despite low half year profit

SOE's CEO focusing on key initiatives to drive improvements and beat the commodity cycles

Why farmers should oppose dairy conversions

Gareth Morgan gives five reasons why existing farmers should oppose more dairy conversions

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday;  RBNZ sees more than $1 trillion of household wealth, major Wynyard Quarter development, Otahuhu house price leaps, ANZ get tech savvy

Why spoil a stunning harbour?

Oliver Hartwich questions whether Auckland's port is in the right place

Is Otahuhu the next Grey Lynn?

The price of an Otahuhu house increases 74% in nine months

In defence of high LVR restrictions

Limits to banks' high LVR residential mortgage lending helping keep a lid on the growth of household debt, RBNZ says

'No Australian-type scandals here'

The FMA says NZ's regulatory framework would be strong enough to out any Australian-style systemic financial advisory problems at big banks; Plus what NZ's Aussie owned banks say

Apartments achieve gross rental yields of 5% to 6.6%

Latest results from Ray White City Apartments auctions - larger apartments prove popular.

Inflation targets questioned

BNZ economists suggest the targeted 1-3% inflation band could be lowered

Friday's guest Top 10

Elizabeth Davies on financial literacy for felons, stock rustling, organs and cash, financial abuse, KiwiSaver and pocket money, the Sallies and housing, Dilbert & more

Nervous investors pile into USD

Oil price spikes on news of Saudi stikes on Yemen; NZD/USD initially higher before USD found favour; US jobless claims better-than-expected

Middle East tension drives yields higer

US 10-year yields up 10 bps to 2%; expect NZ yields to follow offshore markets today; NZ yield curve remains pretty flat

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