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Volatility in US treasuries

US treasury yields flicking up and down on data; Federal Reserve acknowledges downside risks to global growth and substantial improvement to domestic US labour market

USD volatility data driven

China's economic growth balanced on a knife edge; Eurozone PMI data a blow to hopes of a recovery into year-end; conflicting US data sees USD spike, slump, then recover

BNZ makes big cut to 3yr home loan rate

New three year rate applies to all of BNZ's mortgage products for this term, meets market at 1 yr term; fat cash incentive retained

90 seconds at 9 am: Momentum swings to US

US data strong for housing, factories and employment; eurozone and China factory data weak; China to cap coal use; UST 10yr 2.31%; NZ$1 = 78.5 USc, TWI = 78.2

Dairy farm prices still rising

Dairy farm prices are up but the number of sales has dropped

Key trumpets 10 deals with China

PM John Key says 10 new 'agreements and arrangements' reached with China including agreement to amend free trade agreement

New bank notes coming next year

Our money is getting a colourful makeover and its own website

What to expect from the Aussie FSI

Citi analysts outline 4 expectations from the Australian Financial System Inquiry's final report

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; Westpac's 18-month mortgage special; Cullen funds growing rapidly; FMA a respected regulator; Countdown cleared of bullying; Harbour on China

NZ Govt Bond tender number 531 results

Latest bond tender of NZ$300 mln 2027's received bids for NZ$771 mln with an average weighted yield of 4.26% (previously 4.09%)

Surplus this year 'challenging,' English says

Finance Minister Bill English says returning to surplus 'challenging' with dairy prices falling and inflation low

Fed minutes sends NZDUSD higher

Fed minutes focused on weaker European outlook, inflation and lower for longer interest rates; NZDUSD jumps in volatile trade; AUD weaker as iron ore prices hit 5-year low

Westpac launches new 18 mth home loan 'special'

The Red Bank rejigs its home loan offers; targets 18 month, 3 year and 5 year terms for lower conditional rates

NZD suffers negative sentiment

AUD 'worst' performing currency overnight, dragging Kiwi with it; eyes on Fed minutes, NZ PPI

German and US yields push higher

NZ swap curve steepens; Fitch raises LGFA ratings outlook, markets await Fed minutes

90 seconds at 9 am: ANZ probed over manipulation

US building permits rise strongly; markets await Fed minutes; Russia's big bond failure; China's big rail route; ANZ's big black eye; NZ$1 = 78.6 USc, TWI = 77.9

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; dairy angst, low birth rate, taxpayers finally shake guarantee; mortgage approvals stir, swap rates fall

A renminbi clearing bank for NZ?

Bank of China keen to become NZ's renminbi clearing bank

'Code should reflect Parliament's intentions'

Draft Responsible Lending Code says lenders should review fees if the fees are generating a profit; NZBA calls for Code to reflect Parliament's intentions

KiwiSaver is failing

Two Treasury researchers find that the KiwiSaver program is not achieving its goal of increasing the net wealth of the country, having no effect in meeting its objective

Feature of the Week

This data is from the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

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