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ASB launches 2yr fixed mortgage special rate

ASB beats main rivals by lowering its two year mortgage rate as a 'special' going sub 6%, withdraws one year 'special

Petricevic denied parole

Ex-Bridgecorp boss Rod Petricevic denied parole; Parole Board says he remains 'undue risk to safety of the community'; Petricevic admits his 'inadequacy' caused harm to investors

What happened today

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; flurry of TD rate changes, Auckland and Christchurch look to Wellington for their projects, markets await US NFP result

Party Policies - Manufacturing

This is where the parties stand on Manufacturing

Party Policies - School Donations

This is where the parties stand on School Donations

Party Policies - Small Business

This is where the parties stand on Small Business

Party Policies - Special Education

This is where the parties stand on special education

Party Policies - Auckland City Rail Link

This is where the parties stand on the Auckland City Rail Link

Thorburn takes charge at NAB

Ex-BNZ boss Andrew Thorburn takes 2 BNZ executives, Andy Symons and Renee Roberts, to NAB with him, acknowledges need for better shareholder returns

'A push for a tax subsidy for KiwiSaver'

Chapman Tripp takes a look at the Fair Tax for Savers campaign and asks if savers are over-taxed, and if so, why?

Harmoney to start trading 'very soon'

Peer-to-peer lender Harmoney unveils its full board of directors, says 'go live' near

Wellington commercial units achieve good yields

Bayleys clears four out of six at its Wellington commercial property auction

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Why the Fed wants more wage inflation; Paparazzi drones?; Thundermaps for dairy farmers; The Freakonometrics of coffee and productivity; Russia's Geckos lost in space; Dilbert

Perfect storm for markets

Commodities sink and there is carnage in equity markets; US stocks in biggest one-day fall in 2014

Craig, Peters slam Lochinver sale to Pengxin

NZ First, Conservative slam sale of Lochinver to Shanghai Pengxin; Key denies NSA/GCSB bugged Southern Cross cable; Banks convicted, but avoids jail

NZD doesn't join selloff

Declines not a usual risk-off response; equity markets tumble along with commodities; US dollar stregthens

NZ yields push higher

The near-term bias is for further steepening, but longer term expect to see a flatter curve: BNZ

90 seconds at 9 am: July wimper

Markets sink on credit worries; US wages rise; EU inflation falls; oil and gold prices fall sharply; US dollar rises; NZ$1 = US$0.850, TWI = 79.7

ASB NZ's 'most liked' Facebook bank

ASB, Westpac NZ, BNZ, Kiwibank & TSB make list of world's 100 most liked banks on Facebook, ANZ NZ doesn't

Augusta launches a whopper

Augusta launches a king sized syndicate with princely fees to match

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