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National will be able to form a government without NZ First's support.
45% (52 votes)
Labour, the Greens and NZ First will be able to form a government.
24% (28 votes)
National will need NZ First's support to be able to govern.
24% (28 votes)
We get a hung parliament or minority government.
7% (8 votes)
Total voters: 116

What's the most likely election outcome?

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Fletcher changes plans for Three Kings quarry

Fletcher Building hopes for a more extensive redevelopment of the former Three Kings quarry site and surrounding area

MIE meat industry plan out soon

Allan Barber describes where MIE are at trying to improve 'a bad system', but suspects what we have is 'the best there is'. Your view?

Another spring mortgage rate reduction

Kiwibank slices 20 bps off its standard one year fixed home loan rate, reducing it to 5.79%

Roost Home Loan Affordability report for August

NZ home loan affordability improved in August as interest rates & mortgage payments fell; Affordability worsens for 1st home buyers

Immigration hits new record

The number of new migrants settling here is at an all time high with a net gain almost 43,500 in the year to August; Heading to 50k; An RBNZ rethink?

What Winston or Colin might demand

Final poll of polls show National may need support of Winston Peters or Colin Craig to secure third term; Foreign ownership register and RMA reforms up for grabs

Govt seeks insurance 'intermediary supplier panel'

Govt moving to all-of-govt risk financing and insurance strategy with central govt agencies spending about $180m on insurance annually

NIMBYs by a different mother

Terry Baucher says the lack of a capital gains tax makes tax policy illogical, and unfair to those priced out of the housing market

Mixed US data weighs on greenback

Good jobless claims data offset by disappointing building permit, housing start and Philly Fed survey results

NZ Govt Bond tender number 527 results

Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln received bids for NZ$630 mln with an average weighted yield of 4.46% for new April 2027 maturity

USD weaker overnight

NZD inching higher again, eyes on migration data and later today the first Scottish vote results

Swap curve steepens

Swap and bond yields rise, NZDMO gets 2027 tender away successfully, ECB's TLTRO poorly supported

90 seconds at 9 am: Waiting for Scotland

US households wealthier; US jobless claims in big drop; Irish economy grows fast; ECB plans falls flat; UST 10yr 2.63%; NZ$1 = US$0.814, TWI = 78.4

Don't expect a flood of property listings

The election is unlikely to turn the housing market's spring surge into a king tide

'Productivity has increased way ahead of wage growth'

Living wage and apprenticeships a key focus for the CTU this election. Happiest with the Greens and Labour

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; best growth since 2007, US Fed impacts NZ, low crude, high petrol, swap rates zoom higher

Govt helping hand for Solid Energy, again

Solid Energy's $103m land remediation indemnity tab covered by taxpayers to prevent SOE falling into negative equity; Labour's Cosgrove puts boot into govt

Polls show National likely to win

National in poll position to win with support of either Winston Peters or Colin Craig; Final leaders debate inconclusive; Craig's PR person quits and calls him 'manipulative'

GDP growth highest since 2007

Annual GDP growth was 3.5% for year to June, quarterly GDP rose 0.7%. Both figures slightly below RBNZ expectations

USD volatile while Fed data absorbed

Weaker Q2 NZ-GDP data expected to weigh on the NZD which is drifting lower after the US Fed announcements

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