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NZ’s biggest problems are the economic ones

Roy Morgan survey shows that three weeks before the election we worry about economic issues most, but suddenly war and terrorism are major concerns too

'Robust demand in the household sector'

Treasury reviews the August economic indicators; expects dairy prices to recover, labour markets to tighten, and stabilisation in the housing markets

Kiwibank's cost to income surge

Kiwibank June quarter cost to income ratio & net interest margins rise as home loan book grows at higher percentage than main rivals

GDP growth outlook being revised down

Roger J Kerr sees a sharp slowdown coming, probably with inflation. He says borrowers should fix, investors should stay short

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; FinanceNow targets car finance, terms of trade improve, economy expansion moderates, swap rates rise, cash incentives expire

Kiwibank grows credit card marketshare

Helped by Air NZ airports cards, Kiwibank grows credit card marketshare by 40 basis points

All variables point to NZD depreciation continuing

Roger J Kerr sees the NZD at 78 USc in a few weeks as the lower dairy prices bite and the US dollar strengthens - and lower still if there is political uncertainty

The hypocrisy of socially enforced charity

Elizabeth Davies argues  an act of charity is supposed to be selfless, not a source of pride or bragging rights

Key rejects Royal Commission calls

Key rejects calls for Royal Commission into links with Slater; National delays tax plan; Ex FMA boss says blog attacks partly caused early departure; Feeley says Police, SFO considering issue

Monday's Top 10

A better carbon tax; cars as fat cells; Kiwi cows to China; spike in consumer credit demand; the world’s most lucrative shakedown operation; the less you know, the more you make; Dilbert & more

Euro the big loser

NZ business confidence below expectations hurts NZD; Euro under pressure from falling price growth

Commodities centre stage locally

Markets get better-than-expected US data, as-expected poor EU data, and currencies also affected by Ukraine fallout

Eyes on ECB

Subdued bond markets see swap rates inch higher, but more action expected in coming week with five central bank reviews

90 seconds at 9 am: Beijing ends open Hong Kong elections

US consumer spending falls in July; sentiment rises in August; ECB and EU leaders disagree on fiscal policy; China clamps down on Hong Kong; NZ$1 = US$0.83.6, TWI = 78.9

Hotchin behind attacks on Feeley

Emails show Hanover Finance's Mark Hotchin appeared to fund Slater-led campaign against SFO's Adam Feeley; Links brought down Collins; SSC concerned

When demand meets supply

Bernard Hickey asks why the Government wants to pump jet fuel onto Auckland's housing fire when the evidence shows first home buyer subsidies just inflated prices in Australia

Fitch affirms Fonterra at 'AA-'; Outlook stable

Fitch holds its rating because Fonterra has scale, and the defensive characteristics of its ingredients business

Fonterra's rating lowered To 'A'; Outlook stable

Standard & Poor's lowers Fonterra's credit rating because of a new "financial risk appetite that is more aggressive than what we had factored into the previous ... rating"

Where they stand

Four election candidates explain their party's approach to affordable home ownership, what they like and what they would change. Your view?

Collins resigns after 'gunning' for Feeley

Judith Collins resigns after revelation of Slater email saying she was "gunning for Feeley"; Collins denies campaigning to oust SFO Director; Key says Collins had to go; Hotchin link?

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