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27 Mar 17, 1:11pm
NZ, China to begin talks on upgrading free trade agreement in April, PM English announces as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Wellington
27 Mar 17, 12:04pm
Martien Lubberink delves under the hood as he strives to get to the bottom of Kiwibank's capital stoush with the Reserve Bank
27 Mar 17, 10:03am
Wellington Mayor Lester says Council will "encourage" house building on 490 hectares of private land on greenfield city fringe which could accommodate 2,750 new homes
27 Mar 17, 9:21am
Roger J Kerr sees the positives and negatives for the New Zealand currency as balanced
27 Mar 17, 9:00am
Roger J Kerr says borrowers should be taking advantage of the recent pull-back in US long-term bond yields
27 Mar 17, 8:20am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, March 27, 2017
27 Mar 17, 8:05am
NZDUSD dipped below 0.7000 but recovered to end the week up 10 points at 0.7030; local swap rates unchanged, up 1 bps across the curve; Trump withdrew health bill to repeal Obamacare, market movements to the news were modest
27 Mar 17, 7:44am
US investment slows; Japan rebounds; China rigs Hong Kong 'election'; Brazil beef cleared; Russia cuts rates; AU auction clearance rates high; UST 10yr yield at 2.42%; oil and gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 70.3 US¢, TWI-5 = 75.2
27 Mar 17, 6:49am
'NZ very different to Australia' mortgage brokers' lobby group argues as ASIC eyes major changes after reviewing mortgage broker remuneration
26 Mar 17, 6:08pm
Moody's sees risk in our banking sector, but likes NZ set a surplus target and achieved it. Resilience, proactive institutions, and fiscal strength all help us keep Aaa
26 Mar 17, 12:35pm
Lending to investors falls as new RBNZ standards bite. First home buyer affordability improves. Are they related?
26 Mar 17, 7:52am
Rodney Dickens shows the NZD does not move in response to American benchmark interest rates. It is factors like relative economic growth and NZ export prices that really drive our exchange rate
26 Mar 17, 6:02am
Warnings on New Zealand's environmental performance this week mean the intergenerational debate just got real in an election year, Alex Tarrant says
25 Mar 17, 9:01am
Mark Keating suggests the Government sells the right to a share in New Zealand Inc to potential migrants at a price reflecting the country's underlying value
25 Mar 17, 8:35am
David Hall calls for an intergenerational conversation about fairness - it would be hard 'but even trying would be a good start'
25 Mar 17, 8:32am
ANZ economist Con Williams argues forestry's long-term prospects depend on how the international carbon market develops
25 Mar 17, 8:28am
Infometrics' Andrew Whiteford looks at where our creative industries and their workforces are located, a sector that now employs over 10,000 people
25 Mar 17, 6:02am
Upmarket homes or those with development potential selling most readily at auction
24 Mar 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; no rate changes, new drought monitor, property investors lose confidence, big trade deficit, Krippner wins, Govt bond yields fall
24 Mar 17, 2:41pm
ANZ reduces its Fonterra 2016/17 milk price forecast, although it still remains above the co-operative's own forecast
24 Mar 17, 10:25am
24 Mar 17, 10:02am
24 Mar 17, 9:42am
23 Mar 17, 4:02pm
23 Mar 17, 3:59pm
23 Mar 17, 11:46am
23 Mar 17, 8:14am
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