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"And that will be an extra $5 for your accent"

Eric Crampton says explicit government-sponsored foreigner gouging would ruin not only much of the tourist experience but also locals’ experiences. He thinks Gareth Morgan's approach is misguided

What do we want to achieve by cutting emmissions?

Emissions Trading Scheme or Carbon Tax? The Australian experience and the lessons for New Zealand

ANZ knock Milford off top spot

Conservative funds running over 7% per year behind Aggressive alternatives; big players dominating the top spots; some up and comers to watch

Housing in MPS spotlight

With the RBNZ widely expected to leave the OCR unchanged, Governor Wheeler's comments on the Auckland housing market will be closely watched in the RBNZ's Monetary Policy Statement

RBNZ's 'pretty reasonable set of options'

Has the RBNZ come up with a way of making banks hold more capital against loans to property investors that's palatable to the banks?

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; BNZ's hot 3yr mortgage rate, wholesale trade soft, dairy prices rising, NZD recovers, bank hybrids popular

Net yields 4.95% - 9.58% at Bayleys commercial auction

Lush Queen St shop sells for $57,678 a square metre, gives new owners a 4.95% net yield

Another major Auckland apartment building is leaking

A luxury apartment overlooking the harbour sells for less than a quarter of its purchase price as Scene One faces weathertightness issues

ANZ capital notes to pay 7.20%

ANZ NZ borrows NZ$500m in 'mandatory convertible, non-cumulative, perpetual, subordinated & unsecured' capital notes issue; Westpac also borrows NZ$500m in floating rate note issue

A caveat to Kiwibank's level playing field

Gareth Vaughan argues the RBNZ should tighten requirements for how the big 4 banks' credit risk is measured rather than loosen Kiwibank's

BNZ strikes with a hot 3 year rate

Classic rate set to 5.29% trumping its main rivals by a substantial margin for that term

RBNZ's property comments smack NZD

NZD dives after RBNZ's property consultation paper released; no rate changes for ECB or BoE; bad weather blamed for US jobless claims being higher-than-expected

NZD falls heavily

Currency traders mark down the NZD on a new RBNZ focus on investor loans for housing, mark down the AUD on RBA comments, and await US data

Key signals from NZ, EU and US

By signaling concerns for an overheated housing market, RBNZ very unlikely to cut OCR; ECB QE arrives amid raised growth; eyes now on US non-farm payrolls

90 seconds at 9 am: ECB QE arrives

ECB to start bond buying on Monday, warns Greeks; UK SFO investigating the BofE; Brazil raises rates; UST 10yr yields up to 2.12%; NZ$1 = 74.6 USc, TWI = 78.8

Roll up for the great state house sale

David Hargreaves tries to make sense out of the Government's plans to shift more social housing into the hands of  community providers

Govt eyes unclogging High Court of quake cases

Government consulting on whether to give independent dispute resolution bodies more power to handle costly insurance-related disputes 

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; visitors spend up large, RBNZ shames JPMorgan (sort of), RBNZ's review hits NZD, linker yield rises

RBNZ spotlight on property investor loans

RBNZ says it's looking at 3 possible ways to categorise mortgage loans to residential property investors; Says move could 'facilitate the introduction of a macro-prudential property investor policy'

Inflation Indexed Bond tender number 536 results

September 2035 Government inflation linked tender attracts strong demand while weighted accepted average yield jumps to 2% (previously 1.8%)

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