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21 Feb 17, 10:31am
Govt seeks to lift focus on nominee directors & bring anti-money laundering into the picture in attempt to clean up Financial Service Providers Register
21 Feb 17, 9:59am
Expense growth outstrips income growth at Kiwibank as net interest margin and funding costs fall
21 Feb 17, 9:48am
Residential properties in south Auckland remain the most difficult to sell at auction - results mixed elsewhere
21 Feb 17, 8:22am
NZDUSD changed little yesterday while local rates declined, a follow on from Friday's offshore session; GBP recovered some of its Friday losses; JPY changed little, despite much worse than expected January trade balance
21 Feb 17, 7:38am
US on holiday; EU claims IMF agrees Greek solution; EU & Japan close on trade deal; China uses trains not ships to Europe; RBA looks at housing differently; UST 10yr yield at 2.42%; oil and gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 71.9 US¢, TWI-5 = 77.3
21 Feb 17, 7:27am
PM English says RBNZ, Super Fund, ACC Fund and Housing NZ CEOs' pay-rise regimes set to change following outcry over Super Fund CEO Adrian Orr's 36% raise
20 Feb 17, 7:32pm
Climate change could threaten the stability of the entire financial system, an Aussie banking regulator warns, as it prepares to apply climate change "stress tests" to the nation's financial institutions
20 Feb 17, 4:23pm
Govt and fast-growing councils are in 'gritty talks' over use of $1bn housing infrastructure fund, PM English says; 'Councils don't seem to have projects ready to go'
20 Feb 17, 4:12pm
Financial advisers' disclosure requirements to be dealt with by regulation not legislation; Govt seeks to remain flexible on the matter
20 Feb 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; ASB offers a short special, service sector booming, producer inflation, no farm inflation, Heartland buys into online factor, swaps in bear steepening
20 Feb 17, 1:52pm
ANZ economists see risk of slower rate in consents for new dwellings in Auckland as escalating costs and capital constraints squeeze the market; 'hard to see price weakness extending too far'
20 Feb 17, 10:30am
Kiwibank says funding pressures, bank infrastructure spending and Kaikoura earthquake contribute to reduced $63 mln after-tax profit; net interest margin drops below 2%
20 Feb 17, 10:12am
ANZ NZ December quarter income and profit increase, cost of funds and expenses fall
20 Feb 17, 9:49am
Phil Goff convenes taskforce to address 'severe difficulties' caused by Auckland housing shortage
20 Feb 17, 9:38am
Labour's 'employment goal' for RBNZ monetary policy to remain open without specific nominal jobs target; Set to follow US example of not telling central bank which of price stability and employment goals to prioritise
20 Feb 17, 9:35am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp says low interest rates and high population growth are not to blame for spiralling house prices - try red tape
20 Feb 17, 9:14am
Roger J Kerr says the forces affecting the New Zealand dollar are evenly balanced
20 Feb 17, 9:05am
Roger J Kerr says the Government's inquiry into fuel profit margins seems more politically motivated than discovering a major rip-off from the fuel companies
20 Feb 17, 8:34am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, February 20, 2017
20 Feb 17, 8:16am
NZDUSD lower on weak PMI, retail sales numbers and a rising USD, unchanged against AUD; USD strengthens against all majors but Japan; GBP hurt by consecutive months of lower sales in January
20 Feb 17, 7:54am
17 Feb 17, 3:59pm
17 Feb 17, 10:44am
17 Feb 17, 8:01am
16 Feb 17, 3:58pm
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