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28 Feb 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; BNZ raises rates, including its floating rate, online retail spending grows, bigger trade deficit, more debt, swaps rise slightly
28 Feb 17, 3:24pm
ICBC and BNZ confirm they employed a man accused by the SFO of being involved in a $40 million mortgage fraud ring
28 Feb 17, 3:06pm
New Zealand’s ‘housing crisis’ dominates domestic issues as New Zealand heads towards September election
28 Feb 17, 2:44pm
Latest Roy Morgan poll says 63.5% say New Zealand is 'heading in the right direction', as National holds on to its dominant support
28 Feb 17, 1:29pm
Labour hits back at PM English's comments that Kiwis are not applying for jobs due to drugs test requirements
28 Feb 17, 1:10pm
Rodney Dickens thinks underfunding of Statistics NZ is bringing a higher level of uncertainty to their releases, more revisions, and more difficulty in using them for policy making
28 Feb 17, 12:12pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Easter chilled volumes of lamb prove hard to achieve, as weaner beef and deer sales start
28 Feb 17, 11:50am
BNZ raises its floating mortgage rate to the highest level of any bank seven weeks after its previous increase. It also raises term deposit rates for terms of 2 yrs and longer
28 Feb 17, 9:47am
Strong December quarter lending and deposit growth for BNZ
28 Feb 17, 9:40am
Barfoot's auction sales rate down to 22% at Manukau auction and 26% on the North Shore
28 Feb 17, 8:33am
NZD opens at about 0.7200 USD and 0.9380 AUD, focus on trade balance and ANZ business survey; USD faced some selling pressure overnight on slightly disappointing data
28 Feb 17, 8:27am
Comments from a US Fed voter pushes US benchmarks up. Markets await Trump speech, but it is now unlikely to include his 'phenominal' fiscal package
28 Feb 17, 8:09am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Tuesday, February 28, 2017
28 Feb 17, 7:47am
US bank lending dips; durable goods orders rise; US house sales contracts fall; China services deficit narrows; UK insurers hit; Aussie eyes on C/A deficit; UST 10yr yield at 2.36%; oil and gold higher; NZ$1 = 72.2 US¢, TWI-5 = 77.5
27 Feb 17, 6:03pm
Govt feels NZ migration settings are about right, PM English says, after figures show record net inflow; PM re-raises drug test hurdles for employment of locals
27 Feb 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; SBS Bank raises rates, Kiwibank tweaks some too, permanent arrivals hit record highs, a tourist paradise, Aussies face tough choices, swaps flatten
27 Feb 17, 3:55pm
New Reserve Bank figures show housing investors continuing a rapid retreat in the summer housing market
27 Feb 17, 2:18pm
Attempting to fix a shortage of housing while at the same time allowing record numbers of migrants in does not appear to be working
27 Feb 17, 12:55pm
Roger J Kerr says New Zealand companies manage their currency risks more actively than companies elsewhere
27 Feb 17, 12:45pm
Roger J Kerr says the conditions are currently ripe for both corporates and investors to reap a mutually beneficial harvest
27 Feb 17, 8:41am
24 Feb 17, 4:02pm
24 Feb 17, 11:48am
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23 Feb 17, 3:59pm
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