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6 May 15, 4:43pm
If it believes its own words the Government should be prepared to take centralised control of Auckland housing development
6 May 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; car buying surge, UFB skite, tax freedom, jobless rate unchanged, wholesale rates jerk steeper, NZD falls
6 May 15, 3:44pm
Median housing rents have fallen for two months in a row, with the biggest falls occurring in Auckland
6 May 15, 2:13pm
Bracket creep helps push out the 2015 Tax Freedom Day to May 7, eleven days longer than in 2012
6 May 15, 1:02pm
The Reserve Bank is rapidly running out of excuses for keeping official interest rates as high as they are
6 May 15, 11:01am
NZ unemployment higher than expected at 5.8% in March quarter, unchanged from upwardly revised 5.8%; annual jobs growth strong at 3.2%; participation up to new record high 69.6%
6 May 15, 10:34am
Economists further trim milk price expectations as global dairy prices continue to slump
6 May 15, 9:55am
Andrew Bruce says the tax advantages of property investment may be more fiction than fact
6 May 15, 9:49am
The Weekly Dairy Report: Further falls at auction reflects plentiful global milk supplies
6 May 15, 9:44am
Insurers turn from reinsurers to customers & shareholders to plug holes in their post Christchurch earthquakes safety net
6 May 15, 8:42am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Wednesday, May 6, 2015
6 May 15, 8:33am
The unexpectedly large US trade deficit may be down to special factors, but US Q1 growth likely stalled. Fed reaction awaited
6 May 15, 8:21am
Australia cuts but markets see much less need for further easing. Bond yields rise. Eyes on NZ employment data
6 May 15, 8:14am
Gareth Morgan says urban 'sprawl' won't make life cheaper for Aucklanders
6 May 15, 7:29am
US trade deficit blowout; dairy prices hit 6yr low; RBA cut confuses markets; Indonesia growth slows; EU growth picks up; UST 10yr yields rise again NZ$1 = 75.7 US¢, TWI-5 = 79.2
5 May 15, 9:23pm
Less than 4% of Harcourts' Auckland auctions sold for under $500,000
5 May 15, 5:29pm
Westpac CEO David McLean happy to leave it to the RBNZ and government to rein in rampant Auckland house price inflation
5 May 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; RBA cuts, Auckland house prices surge, rents sag, Govt debt falls, concrete growth slows, trucks sell well
5 May 15, 3:27pm
Nick Smith says Hobsonville Point asked for even bigger price hikes for 'affordable' homes; says may have to hike KiwiSaver HomeStart subsidy threshold of NZ$550,000 within a year
5 May 15, 2:22pm
Disappointing data across major economies; common theme is impact of low oil prices; recovery of each economy to drive respective currencies
5 May 15, 8:32am
5 May 15, 8:24am
5 May 15, 8:08am
4 May 15, 4:00pm
4 May 15, 3:57pm
4 May 15, 3:40pm
4 May 15, 12:14pm
4 May 15, 11:33am
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