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Why Key and Wheeler are whistling in the wind

Gareth Morgan explains why John Key and Graeme Wheeler are unlikely to very effective getting and keeping the NZD at the new lower levels they want

A 1st birthday party for LVR speed limits?

A year on from their controversial introduction, the RBNZ's high LVR home loan speed limits are working, Gareth Vaughan argues

Productivity and the internet of things

Nigel Pinkerton would prefer not to argue with his pantry. He sees the 'internet of things' developing rapidly, changing the way we allocate our time and effort. Your view?

Lower currency will feed through to higher inflation

Roger J Kerr says fuel and freight set to rise in cost soon, other imports to follow; RBNZ taking calculated risk price hikes can be contained within policy limits

Housing unaffordability a key factor in child poverty

The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says improving housing affordability is a key step the Government can take to reduce child poverty

Kiwi’s downward spiral gets Wheeler turbo-boost

Roger J Kerr argues it's hard to see the NZ$ plummeting another 10c against the US$ as it has done since mid-July; Says NZ interest rates still among developed world's highest

Monday's guest Top 10

Carlos Chambers on building up not out, Alibaba, growth and reducing carbon pollution, NZ's fossil fuel industry, Gareth Morgan's Bluegreen Party and more

An important issue close to my heart

Elizabeth Davies encourages support for Youth Line, an organisation dedicated to helping young people overcome their struggles

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Should scientists be the 'conscience of society'?; Does our economy reward psychopaths?; Clarke and Dawe on a wardrobe malfunction story; Dilbert

Waiting for a crisis is too late

The NZ Initiative's Khyaati Acharya points out John Key's re-election again raises the thorny issue of NZ Super and the retirement age