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"And that will be an extra $5 for your accent"

Eric Crampton says explicit government-sponsored foreigner gouging would ruin not only much of the tourist experience but also locals’ experiences. He thinks Gareth Morgan's approach is misguided

A caveat to Kiwibank's level playing field

Gareth Vaughan argues the RBNZ should tighten requirements for how the big 4 banks' credit risk is measured rather than loosen Kiwibank's

Roll up for the great state house sale

David Hargreaves tries to make sense out of the Government's plans to shift more social housing into the hands of  community providers

Auckland councillor calls for cap on staff numbers, salaries

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer says Mayor Len Brown's proposed cap on councillors' salaries should be extended to include caps on council staff numbers and salaries

Trying to keep the run rate up

Gareth Kiernan has a cricket themed look at likely economic developments & concludes NZ's big hitting is going to give way to more stolid accumulation

You can’t grow an economy

The NZ Initiative's Rose Patterson argues the economy and society are built by people, not by governments

'Milk' the foreigners

Gareth Morgan says that instead of turning foreigners away, we should be making sure we get money out of them. Your view?

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

How negative can bond yields go?; Hunting capital gains or just predicting deflation? Life inside Pikettyworld; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

Moving into the poor house

Elizabeth Davies finds the costs of relocating two-and-a-half hours down the road prohibitive

'Tax mega-rich for their Kiwi hideaways'

Gareth Morgan says we should have a Comprehensive Capital Income Tax for everyone and that would mean the global elite using NZ would pay their share. Your view?