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Friday's guest Top 10

Christian Hawkesby on NZ houses as affordable as 1985, complicated labour markets, France's need for reform, Scottish independence, the end of the term deposit glory age, Dilbert & more

Let them eat CoCos?

Victoria University's Martien Lubberink argues bank bonds banned from sale to UK retail investors should be sold in denominations of $100k to protect vulnerable investors

'The future is uncertain'

Colin Lynch of Statistics NZ responds to some recent criticism of their work with population projection ranges

Property - NZ’s drug of choice

Geoff Simmons says National is encouraging first home buyers to get up to their necks in debt. Your view?

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

China's concrete explosion; NZ's China risks; The problem with maximising shareholder value; Colin Craig and Kiss; The lucky and profligate country; Dilbert

Predicting population growth in the regions

Andrew Whiteford outlines the problems with official population projections in NZ & how they miss the changing economic fortunes of our regions

'Fix now as low interest rates are unsustainable'

Roger J Kerr says 'market interest rate pricing is far too low in my book'. Once investors get over their geopolitical worries, they will see 'upward momentum is just so compelling'

CEO pay packets: Regulate to stop inequality?

Gareth Morgan says the focus should be to fix the inequality of opportunity. We need to lift the poor, not play the politics of envy

Monday's Top 10

Janet Yellen opens door; new leverage trouble; by-passing bankers; inversions and deserters; the organic problem; on greed; Yogi Berra (again); Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

David Whitburn on patriotic property investors, asks if house prices are really rising, says capital shouldn't be taxed, outs 'outrageous lie,' calls for a Bright-line test & more