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Monday's Top 10 at 10

Out of ammo; bad soils; don't worry; Krugman says we can grow; a big investment distortion; the new wonder material; rent; George Best; SOI; Clarke & Dawe; Dilbert, and more

How to kill two housing birds with one big stone of capital from China

Bernard Hickey argues any trickle of housing investment from China should be turned into a flood that builds thousands of affordable homes in central Auckland

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

How money really works; Will the world's new middle classes drop back into poverty?; Charting the pigs in the python; Tony Alexander and the carry trade; Jon Stewart; Dilbert

The house price conundrum

David Hargreaves asks: Is house price growth accelerating or slowing? And how on earth are we supposed to be able to tell?

NZD direction to determine inflation outcomes

Roger J Kerr warns that interest rate increases could be a lot sooner and more severe if the NZ dollar falls sharply

In for the long haul

Elizabeth Davies is trying to overcome her 'driving ambivalence'

Key, Cunliffe and Norman have a problem

Murray Grimwood thinks the current political leaders will be turned on when voters realise what he realises - growth now means economic failure sooner

Monday's Top 10 at 10

Under-performer; NZ is a tax haven; growth goal; Beijing big; bubble benefits; SOI; Clarke & Dawe; Dilbert, and more

Rates an inter-generational issue

Bernard Hickey thinks any move by councils to tax incomes, spending, road usage and congestion to lessen the rates burden on ageing property owners is unfair on younger and poorer generations

Friday's guest Top 10

Oliver Hartwich on how broadband impacts Z, back to Greece, perspective on Australia's housing bubble, QE as financial morphine, who suffers from inflation, Dilbert & more