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Lift your horizons

Bernard Hickey asks if voters and investors use long enough time horizons to make decisions, and whether the election result would have been different if they had

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

'At some point this is going to snap'; Corporates stash the cash; The madness of share buy-backs; The flawed shareholder-driven model; Dilbert

Shared bank accounts and compromise

Elizabeth Davies on entering a phase of life where you start making big decisions, and they aren't all about you

RBNZ statement more dovish than the expected bland

Roger J Kerr sees "one hell of a turnaround" by the RBNZ in the way they look at their 90-day interest rate projections

What Scottish independence may mean

Christian Hawkesby on how a Scottish 'yes' vote may impact the forex, funding, equity and credit markets and Europe

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on irrigation, Alibaba, a 15 year aberration, more education equals higher incomes, the benefits of fracking; Dilbert & more

Of apples, atoms, eggs and P2P

Gareth Vaughan says Apple Pay, P2P lending and Atom highlight the technological threat to banks has gone up a gear; Regulators should be watching

How to think about fixed vs floating

Bernard Hickey looks at how to think about whether to fix or float and what bank economists are saying about interest rates now the RBNZ is 'on pause'

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan sifts through three political parties' policies to try and help him decide who to vote for

Rating the education policies

Dave Grimmond looks at the different approaches to education policy by the two main parties. The Opposition wants more-of-the-same, while the Incumbent wants change
11 Sep 14, 11:34am Rating the education policies
08 Sep 14, 10:30am Monday's Top 10
07 Sep 14, 7:30am Switch to Flick?
06 Sep 14, 9:00am White Gold or Dirty Dairy?
05 Sep 14, 10:30am Friday's guest Top 10
04 Sep 14, 12:40pm Bernard's Top 10
01 Sep 14, 11:02am Monday's Top 10
31 Aug 14, 7:41am When demand meets supply