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Petrol prices
31% (68 votes)
31% (67 votes)
Term deposit interest rates
17% (37 votes)
The NZX50
16% (35 votes)
Mortgage interest rates
5% (12 votes)
Total voters: 219

Which of these will have the biggest percentage decline this year?

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Does foreign ownership threaten patriotism?

NZ Initiative's Jenesa Jeram says restricting foreign ownership means telling people what they can and can’t do with their own property

From the beach 2015

Gareth Kiernan looks at some key trends we will face this year, and suggests that the RBNZ will launch new housing loan restrictions

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Jenée Tibshraeny on why young people should look beyond the lure of big city life

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Matt Nolan takes a look at the drivers of NZ growth over the next year with a two handed Top 10 that's actually two top fives

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Bernard Hickey welcomes Nick Smith's RMA reforms aimed at stripping the NIMBYs and BANANAs of their magical power to make housing unaffordable

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Good deflation or bad deflation?; Did MTV cut America's teen pregnancy rate?; National's new tax hike; John Oliver and New Year's Eve; Dilbert

'Stand on your own two feet'

Elizabeth Davies tells her generation to stand on their own feet and don't rely on their parents; 'You’re not entitled to their bank balance simply because you’re a product of their genes'

Auckland house prices 'an abomination'

The Property Council blasts the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, says politicians need to stop dithering as 'we’ve reached the point of madness'

How fixed costs limit taxi competition

Mark Maciolek says making it easier for new entrants could be the best way of ensuring more affordable taxi fares, which shouldn't necessarily fall with petrol prices

Will there be a market correction in 2015?

John Bolton says it's wise to have your personal finances prepared for the next financial crisis, whenever and however it comes along