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Bernard's Top 10

Super Winstons everywhere; Drone sheep dogs; Huzzah for working pensioners; Faces of inequality; Cephlapod ahoy; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

Commuters and remote workers can contribute to economic revival of towns

Andrew Whiteford says that commuters and remote workers can contribute to economic revival of towns, including places like Wanganui

IAG: the new cash settlement expert

Cameron Preston questions IAG's insurance cash settlement drive in Canterbury 

Just act naturally - and fake it

Elizabeth Davies braves the rigorous beauty parade that is the job interview

Why farmers should oppose dairy conversions

Gareth Morgan gives five reasons why existing farmers should oppose more dairy conversions

Encouraging sound fiscal policy

NZ Initiative's Khyaati Acharya calls for new official limits on government spending

Why spoil a stunning harbour?

Oliver Hartwich questions whether Auckland's port is in the right place

A 'good' deflation debate

Bernard Hickey argues the Reserve Bank and Bill English should stop turning a blind eye to the breach of the bank's 1-3% inflation target, and actually have a debate about widening or lowering the target.

Friday's guest Top 10

Elizabeth Davies on financial literacy for felons, stock rustling, organs and cash, financial abuse, KiwiSaver and pocket money, the Sallies and housing, Dilbert & more

Bernard's Top 10

Will the maturing KiwiSaver money be leveraged up and pumped into rental property?; Diamonds aren't forever; Greece's April 20 brick wall; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert