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Pressure building on the Federal Reserve to change their tone

Roger J Kerr says the next push upwards in US yields will be the real deal as bond investors seek better real returns

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on The Economist's Big Mac index, why Auckland is rich, the World Bank's fight for relevance, rising sea levels, Yogi Berra, Dilbert & more

High-profile research says the ‘social cost of carbon’ is too low

Facing the right costs right would help companies and households better understand the full value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your view?

A generation of winners

Bernard Hickey argues the inflation fall over the last 30 years created a half a trillion dollar windfall for a generation of property owners. He says a land tax would help give the new landless generations a leg up

Coming to a smartphone near you soon?

Gareth Vaughan says after Westpac's pullout many questions remain about the TSM project and the development of mobile wallets  

Stability to trump competition

EY says maintaining system stability likely to trump competition in Aust financial system inquiry, with search on for policies to address retirement income 'longevity challenge'

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

 A not-so-friendly send-off for Conor English; Inside the Double Irish Dutch Sandwich; Why aren't NZ's youth enrolling to vote?; 'Moaning moguls'; Dilbert

Slow recognition of emerging economic headwinds

Roger J Kerr says confidence levels remaining high is understandable, however not that sensible. But he also sees an 'unexpected' opportunity to fix interest rates long-term

Monday's Top 10 at 10

David Chaston on the future of food demand, China debt, BitLicense, the trade delusion, various ironies, Houston, soccer, Yogi Berra, Dilbert & more

Regional Divide: Zombies, Cinderellas and Sleeping Beauties

Shamubeel Eaqub says we are failing to grasp the reasons & outcomes of diverging regional economies