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A holiday.
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A wedding.
27% (116 votes)
A house.
7% (30 votes)
A car.
6% (27 votes)
2% (7 votes)
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In your opinion, what's the last thing someone should borrow money to pay for?

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Are we closing the income gap with Australia?

NZ needs better public policies and institutions if it is to close the income gap with Australia, Bryce Wilkinson argues

Moving anxiety

Elizabeth Davies has hit a bump in the road, suffering a 'quarter life crisis'

What is wrong with rates

Oliver Hartwich wants to see a local government finance system that rewards councils that go for growth and punish those that inhibit development

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on a fiscal wormhole; distorted values; big bribes; dangerous speeds; the huge growth in energy; reversion to the mean; Hunter S. Thompson; Dilbert & more

A critique of RBNZ risk management

Less dogma, more flexibility needed in Reserve Bank's risk management strategy, Gareth Vaughan argues

When a 'demographic dividend' becomes a 'demographic drag'

Bernard Hickey looks at whether a demographic dividend for the economy over the last 50 years is about to turn into a demographic drag

Wealth incentivises the heart of capitalism

The crime is not being rich, the crime is we don’t tax all the income that wealth can earn says Morgan Foundation's Geoff Simmons

Does money make money?

Geoff Simmons thinks the Thomas Piketty inequality analysis suffers from being very Western Europe oriented, whereas the global picture shows a different and better picture. Your view?

Best before: February 2014

Infometrics is wondering if the economy has passed its use-by date. What challenges will the next few years bring?