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Can mining revive rural economies?

The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp argues mining could help bolster regional NZ economics

Friday's guest Top 10

Andrew Patterson’s Top 10 business reads for 2014 featuring Walter Issacson, Ariana Huffington, Thomas Picketty, Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, Dilbert & more

The dangers of a botched redundancy

EY's Christie Hall and Nicholas Chan highlight a new hands-on approach by the courts to redundancy & why employers need to take notice

Spotlight on Responsible Lending Code

Chapman Tripp says 'rigorous' checks and procedures in draft Responsible Lending Code could make it hard for lenders to grant home buyers pre-approvals

Bernard's Top 10

How Europe is turning Japanese; Just restructure the euro-debt; World Bank's dire climate change warning; The Chinese general's tonne of cash; Dilbert

Battling NZ's fixed-cost raising regulations

The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton argues some NZ regulations could piggyback on other countries rather than reinvent their own expensive wheels

How a dog can show amazing returns

Elizabeth Davies says the emotional benefits of dog ownership can outweigh the financial cost

APRA vs RBNZ on bank capital

Martien Lubberink asks just how well capitalised NZ’s major banks actually are; Compares APRA's view to the RBNZ's

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan takes a look at income inequality in NZ, including why it is there

Disruption on the road ahead

Bernard Hickey asks why the Government is over-spending on motorways when new technologies could render them white elephants
23 Nov 14, 7:27am Disruption on the road ahead
21 Nov 14, 10:30am Friday's guest Top 10
19 Nov 14, 11:29am Bernard's Top 10 at 10
18 Nov 14, 10:58am What is a money machine?
17 Nov 14, 2:26pm Guarding the public purse
17 Nov 14, 10:30am Monday's Top 10
16 Nov 14, 7:30am Amazingly disastrous Auckland
14 Nov 14, 2:24pm Bernard's Top 10
13 Nov 14, 8:52am When ignorance is not bliss
12 Nov 14, 10:00am Wednesday's guest Top 10