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26 Jul 17, 5:15pm
Transpower sell-down claims: Credible, or bit of Winston mischief? Transpower says they met with UBS to discuss new technologies and the document was slipped in quietly - that's a common investment bank tactic
26 Jul 17, 4:06pm
The Commerce Commission said yes to IAG, but no to Vero - Jenée Tibshraney asks its chairman why
26 Jul 17, 3:58pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home Wednesday; TSB decreases deposit rates; overseas trade review; rental yields; ETS changes; tertiary education review; new trains; rates rise; dollar stable
26 Jul 17, 3:37pm
New Reserve Bank figures show the amount borrowed by investors for house purchases in June dropped by 48.5% compared with the same month a year ago
26 Jul 17, 3:20pm
Allan Barber remains sceptical of the technology push in Australia to automate carcass grading, a system that may cost them at least A$225m with benefits hard to pin down
26 Jul 17, 1:27pm
John Mauldin expects another major crisis as soon as next year and looks at three potential black swans
26 Jul 17, 11:58am
Debt levels may be high, but low interest rates mean that households are no worse off today than they were in the years up to 2003 in terms of servicing a mortgage
26 Jul 17, 11:40am
National unsurprisingly says it wants to carry on govt with ACT, Maori Party and UnitedFuture after 23 September to maintain "a stable and successful Government"
26 Jul 17, 10:10am
Reserve Bank Assistant Governor John McDermott says the measure of inflation the RBNZ pays attention to is running at about 1.4%; the 'neutral interest rate' is now down to 3.5%
26 Jul 17, 9:17am
Strong headwinds and dangerous cross currents make it increasingly difficult for investors to plot a straight course in our volatile housing market
26 Jul 17, 8:30am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Wednesday, July 26, 2017
26 Jul 17, 8:26am
Commerce Commission prevents New Zealand's insurance duopoly from getting stronger by declining Vero's bid to buy Tower; Tower's share price tumbles
26 Jul 17, 8:13am
NZD tested 0.7450 USD before drifting lower on USD strength to currently sit around 0.7410; AUD tested 0.7970 USD on higher commodity prices; oil up over 3% in a risk on environment
26 Jul 17, 8:12am
Upbeat news lifts all boats. RBNZ and RBA to make watched comments, Eyes then shift to signals from US Fed
26 Jul 17, 7:33am
US confidence up; Wall Street up; Toyota signals big battery advance; HNA ownership cloudier; Copper prices jump; NZ gets better Thai access; UST 10yr yield at 2.33%; oil up and gold down; NZ$1 = 74.2 US¢, TWI-5 = 77.1
25 Jul 17, 4:50pm
'Housing costs these days make up a much greater proportion of the household budget than they used to,' MSD incomes and inequality report finds
25 Jul 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home Tuesday; no rate changes, KiwiSaver comparatives, rent subsidies compared, HNA murkier, swaps firm, NZD stable
25 Jul 17, 3:38pm
New Zealanders are at the lowest level of debt stress ever on a population-adjusted basis and close to it on an absolute basis
25 Jul 17, 1:12pm
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says NZ at or near top of free trade negotiation list; Says no one can be worse off when asked about stance of Welsh sheep farmers; Also on NZers' access to UK, Brexit & Tory leadership
25 Jul 17, 12:40pm
Political paralysis has weighed on the USD; NZD consolidating around the 0.7430 USD area and has bounced back against AUD to 0.9379 AUD; Fed Funds rate meeting this week expected to have no surprises
24 Jul 17, 5:02pm
24 Jul 17, 3:59pm
24 Jul 17, 11:32am
24 Jul 17, 11:08am
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