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Unscrupulous worker highlights why 90-days works

Andrew Hoggard raises a recent employment issue at a Taranaki farm as a warning over an attempted scam and an example of how to handle the situation

5.75% is the new benchmark

HSBC sets the spring mortgage season tone with three new market leading home loan rates

Melbourne syndicate for NZ investors

Trilogy offers a new Melbourne property syndicate returning 8% for NZ investors

What happened today

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; Super Fund's high returns, new NZIER boss, red meat prices rising, more council deficits, swap rates fall

Who should savers vote for?

Gareth Vaughan takes a look at what the main political parties are offering savers ahead of the September 20 election

The Sheep, Deer and Cattle Report

Lamb survival good in northern regions as docking starts, beef sector remains hot

Prime Ministers and refugees in rival families

Contrasting family histories of John Key and David Cunliffe revealed by ancestry research

Fonterra tipped to cut payout forecast

ANZ sees 'downside risk' to prices at tonight’s Fonterra auction, expects co-operative's forecast to be cut from $6 towards $5.25kg MS next week

Dotcom bombs his 'Moment of Truth'

Dotcom fails to reveal proof Key conspired with Hollywood; Key denies Snowden claim of mass surveillance on Southern Cross Cable; Harawira may lose to Davis 

Shared bank accounts and compromise

Elizabeth Davies on entering a phase of life where you start making big decisions, and they aren't all about you

Equities mixed, NZD in tight range

Currency markets awaiting the Fed and the Scottish vote, US data disappoints

“Welcome to China. We still love you”

China's move to a more transparent, rule-of-law business environment is driving anti-corruption, anti-monopoly campaigns, says Professor Ang

NZD gains against the GBP

OECD calls on the ECB to do more to stimulate the beleaguered region, including large-scale bond purchases

'Markets ahead of itself'

US data sends confusing signals, now prefering to await the US Fed decision

90 seconds at 9 am: China power dims

US factories stumble in August, up in September; China's power generation falls; OECD worries about the EU; markets await Fed; NZ$1 = US$0.818, TWI = 78.5

Rents not keeping pace with house prices

Rents lag property values in Auckland, but in Wellington and Christchurch the reverse was true

RBNZ statement more dovish than the expected bland

Roger J Kerr sees "one hell of a turnaround" by the RBNZ in the way they look at their 90-day interest rate projections

Apple Pay - 'banks should be worried'

Apple Pay expected to take a slice of banks' payments revenue

Party Policies - Income Tax

This is where the parties stand on Income Tax.

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; mortgage rate cuts, new fair dealing rules, service sector humming, $400 mln KiwiSaver 'loss', rise and rise of swap rates

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