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Markets absorb FOMC

NZD slightly higher on FOMC decisions, inflation low with gold and oil steady

Risk appetite perks up

USD investors pre-positioning for upbeat tone from Fed; market ignored NZ current account deficit growing; decent bounce in oil price improves market sentiment

Heightened risk aversion

Tightening and flattening of rate curves continues with long end falls continuing

90 seconds at 9 am: Financial stress widens

US Fed chooses 'patience'; US inflation falls; the ruble stabilises on official support; UK banks in stress tests; UST 10yr yield 2.08%; oil and gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 77.3 USc, TWI = 78

Public Service CEO salaries

Cost of public service chief execs falls to $11.6 mln, the lowest since 2008. We list who gets what for all 145 top bosses

Auckland home building rates slide vs rest of NZ

Auckland is falling behind the rest of NZ in home building and home ownership rates, but increasing its share of overcrowded housing stock

High LVR rules derisking bank balance sheets

Banks' net high LVR residential mortgage lending down nearly $5 bln in 1st year of 10% 'speed limit'

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; BOP surprise, dairy prices stop falling, more mortgages approved, swap rates lurch down again

Barfoots sells all 3 at mortgagee auction

A Waiuku house sells for $235,000, a house linked to a drugs case sells for $1.715 million and a leasehold unit at Viaduct goes for $160,000 at mortgagee auction

Stop student loan 'parasites' like me

Benje Patterson writes an open letter to Bill English calling for him to tighten the student loan repayment criteria to minimise the costs of 'parasitic behaviour' by graduates 

Non-bank bosses wary of 'disrupters'

Merger & acquisition activity expected in a non-bank sector on the lookout for 'disrupters' as costs, and competition from 'predatory banks', increase

Reflecting back and looking ahead

Professor Ang looks ahead to what is in store for China in 2015 and how 2014 and 2015 will impact New Zealand businesses

The Weekly Dairy Report

Positive movements at auction but a long way to go for budgets to break even

NZD up with dairy prices

Currency markets all focused on Russia and Europe; stocks higher, oil and gold lower

Wild night for others' currencies

Despite media pounce on lack of NZ surplus, financial markets hardly blinked; NZ looks good to nervous global investors

NZ yields flat

Tight NZGB issuance confirmed, UST yields declined as Russian risks play out; eyes now on Fed signals

90 seconds at 9 am: Dairy prices up

Dairy prices rise; US building permit growth slows; US factories expand, contract in China; Russia makes panic rate hike; UST 10yr yield 2.05%; NZ$1 = 77.9 USc, TWI = 78.3

BNZ breaches bank registration

Non-compliance with bank registration condition from BNZ to last at least 6 months

BNZ NIM drops in September quarter

BNZ records decline in quarterly net interest margin but improvement in cost to income ratio

'Trickle-across effect' seen from Aussie FSI

Chapman Tripp touts potential for minimum risk weighting on NZ banks' residential mortgages

Feature of the Week

This quarterly series tracks the prices New Zealand exporters and importers get or pay in international trade transactions.

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