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Green light for RBNZ action

The heightened activity and strong price gains in the Auckland housing market have made imminent central bank intervention inevitable

NZSF suspends Milford's mandate

Fund manager under investigation by the FMA is suspended from its NZ Super Fund contract

Big profit rise for HSBC NZ

HSBC NZ profit bounces back strongly after big commercial loan hit

A strategic withdrawal

Banks quietly pulling the plug on home loan cash back programmes with only a few banks still offering them

Fonterra under pressure

Economists trim expectations of milk price forecast after another big slump in global dairy prices

Dairy prices hit hard again

Globaldairytrade price index down 10.8%; USD loses ground against majors following disappointing data releases; oil price spikes up 5%

Hard and soft commodities contrasting reactions

The rise in the oil price juices currency movements. The fall in the dairy price is ignored

More leniency from the RBNZ?

The dairy auction and US data should see lower NZ yields and flatter curve today. Sharp rise in yields expected if the RBA doesn't cut on Tuesday

90 seconds at 9am: Dairy prices slump

US factories regain momentum; job growth questions; AU banks resist capital requirements; dairy prices fall hard; oil and gold up; bond yields lower; NZ$1 = 74.7 US¢, TWI = 79.8

Silver Fern Farms’ sheep processing dilemma

The tide is going out on the sheep processing industry and Keith Woodford has found a processor that has been 'swimming naked'

Simplifying its offers

BNZ ditches its 'classic' mortgage rates, removes cash incentive offer, and focuses on a 'competitive' single rate set

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; Deposit rate cuts, house values rise, China's manufacturing expands, Solid Energy intrigue, April fools & more

HomeStart 'could boost developer profits'

RBNZ warned Government that HomeStart subsidy for first home buyers could boost developer margins and pump up already over-valued house prices

Collaboration or flying solo, which is best?

Semble CEO outlines benefits to banks of taking the mobile wallet journey with Semble as ANZ, Westpac go it alone

MIE plan stimulates debate but won’t fix the problem

MIE’s plan is heavy on production cost and efficiency analysis with a wish-list of what is desirable, but light on strategy for achieving it, says Allan Barber

Bernard's Top 10

Super Winstons everywhere; Drone sheep dogs; Huzzah for working pensioners; Faces of inequality; Cephlapod ahoy; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

NZ average home values up 7.7% in March year

QV says average home values rose 13.9% in Auckland in the year to March, but value rises flattening around rest of the country

BRANZ says builders need to do better when fixing defects in new homes

BRANZ survey finds most people are happy with new homes but builders need to be better at following up to fix problems after the house is completed

Low rates not hurting NZ life insurers

NZ life insurers not affected by low interest rates causing capital erosion for international insurers

The Weekly Dairy Report

All eyes on tonights auction  as the reality of the downturn starts to bite.

Feature of the Week

This is a quarterly reading of employment confidence, done by McDemott-Miller for Westpac, and published by Westpac economics.

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