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To cut or not to cut

Will Graeme Wheeler have to swallow a dead rat and cut the OCR?

Big covered bond from ANZ NZ

ANZ NZ finds cheap funding through the issue of  a €750 million covered bond

ANZ sets new 1yr mortgage rate at market low

Banks start to lower rates following the RBNZ review; wholesale rates fall most at the five year end but latest rate cut is for 1 year

Not much for under $1m on the North Shore

A solid but dated do up at Hillcrest on the North Shore fetches $860,000 and a leaky home fetches $620,000. Check out the full results from Bayleys latest auctions

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; initial rate changes start, building consent levels disappoint, tourists flood in, as do migrants, swap rate falls pause, NZD falls

First home affordability improves a smidgen

Affordability improved slightly for first home buyers in Auckland and Christchurch last month, but worsened in Wellington according to the Roost Home Buyer Affordability Report

Norman to stand down as Green Co-Leader

Norman to stand down at Green Co-Leader after 9 years; says time for a change and to spend time with 3 kids under 4; National MP Mike Sabin resigns

Peak consents?

Residential building consents rose in 2014 but still not back to their 2007 levels; Auckland the main drag but Waikato also struggles to maintain momentum

Annual migration growth tops 50k for 1st time

Net migration dipped slightly in December month but still set an annual record in 2014

Friday's guest Top 10

Elizabeth Davies on rich kids & $1500 shoes, political bikies, marijuana dining, becoming a giver, the cost of learning, Dilbert & more

The housing crisis has nothing to do with the RMA

'While the politicans go chasing ghosts, you should do as I do – buy lots of houses and farms', says Gareth Morgan

NZ dollar plunges

NZD/USD trading at levels last seen in March 2011; RBNZ future moves dependent on economic data; gold price tumbles as US stocks rise

Accelerated decline for NZ dollar

RBNZ unceremoniously dumps tightening bias and NZD sold off immediately; steady-as-she-goes approach from US Fed; only game in town is to be long USD

A direct neutral position

Yields plunge and chances of a rate cut rise as the RBNZ revises its market signals. US Fed's tame statement did not stop US yield falls too

90 seconds at 9 am: Sharp falls everywhere

US jobless claims fall; Denmark struggles with peg; Germany gets deflation; China milk industry doubts; NZ swaps and fx fall sharply; NZ$1 = 72.5 USc, TWI = 76.1

What the RBNZ decision means

Bernard Hickey looks at what the RBNZ's countenancing of a possible rate cut means for mortgage rates and property prices

Luxurious Sebel waterfront apartment sells for half price

A leasehold apartment in the luxurious Sebel complex at Viaduct Harbour sells for less than half its 2001 purchase price

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; a day of lower everything - less milk, bigger trade deficit, cheaper debt, lower interest rates, a lower currency

Banks get serve for treatment of remitters

RBNZ says banks must have good reason to deprive money remitters of access to financial services, says 'blanket de-risking' not acceptable

EQC 'ready for another disaster'

EQC at 70, a great asset for NZ or an aggressive muddler? Gerry Brownlee, EQC CEO Ian Simpson and lawyer Andrew Hooker have their say. Your view?

Feature of the Week

This quarterly series tracks the prices New Zealand exporters and importers get or pay in international trade transactions.

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