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What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; mortgage rates drop, LGFA rating support, housing politics, jump in rentals, jump in swaps, NZD holds

Bond markets over-react to Ebola scare

Roger J Kerr reviews a bond market on edge, spooked by many things including some non-economic ones. But it is economic fundamentals that show the real direction

There are 17,592 more rented homes than a year ago

The number of rented dwellings increased by 17,592 in the year to September with 7821 of them in Auckland

Monday's Top 10

Simon Reichenbach on the battle for audience; NZME's prospects; David Kirk's new venture; local oil; solar energy; Tiwai Point's future; 3D printing; Dilbert & more

Kiwi dollar establishes itself in new trading range

Roger J Kerr expects the NZD to stay below 80 USc and hold its own against the euro. He also warns of inflation complacency

Auckland property no one-way bet - Key

Key says first home buyers in Auckland should look at buying apartments to get on the ladder; Govt's focus on growing supply; blames land rules

English eyes more state house sales

New Housing NZ Minister Bill English plans to ramp up Housing NZ sales to accelerate social housing reforms and boost affordable housing supply

'Loopy' property rules taskforce starts

Paula Bennett names heads of Rules Reduction Taskforce aimed at rooting out 'loopy' council property rules; complaints website launched

Westpac goes live with PayTag

Westpac takes PayTag mobile payment sticker to commercial launch

There goes the neighbourhood

Elizabeth Davies on discovering an unpleasant surprise next door

US data beats expectations

Stocks make sharp recovery after volitile week, strong US data, RBNZ accidental re-release teased NZD market on Friday

USD strengthening

Yellen's inequality speech provides little guidance for markets; locally, eyes will be on Q3 CPI this week

Expecting downward pressure on NZ yields

Markets bracing for a period of increased volatility; better US data sees a sell-off in US Treasuries and yields rise

90 seconds at 9 am: Pumped margins

US housing and consumer confidence rebound; China pumps in another $40 bln; Ukraine gas deal close; Oil down but petrol up; NZ$1 = US$0.793, TWI = 76.9

Call for AML public awareness campaign

NZ Bankers' Association says Govt run public awareness campaign on AML would be useful, it makes sense for govt to explain laws 'it has introduced that have a wide-ranging public impact'

Not so guaranteed

Bernard Hickey argues for a joint Reserve Bank/Government education campaign about what Open Bank Resolution means for savers and taxpayers

ASB reduces rates then Kiwibank trumps them

Bank's vie for lowest-rate claim in rapid-fire mortgage rate reductions in the key one and two year terms, following wholesale rates down

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on our wood advantage; our rock star RGNDI; rethinking deflation fears; the problem with creativity; working hours; Will Rogers; Dilbert & more

'Funding conditions still broadly favourable'

Big banks make good use of favourable wholesale funding conditions

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; cleaner trucks, fewer on benefits, swap rates rebound, bankruptcies drop

Feature of the Week

The NZIER quarterly survey of business opinion (QSBO).

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