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Just what the doctor ordered, no way or only a matter of time?

Allan Barber reviews the complex issues surrounding 'foreign ownership' of rural businesses; and points to ANZCO as an example how it can and does work to advantage New Zealand

Westpac versus Paymark

Westpac responds to Paymark CEO's pot-shot on its intraday payment capability as the two go head to head in competition

Paymark seeks pan-bank support

EFTPOS online initiative unlikely to attract all banks; Paymark expects merchants to cough up given there's 'value' in it for them

Where the green voters are

Huge majority of New Zealanders (79.2%) want action on ‘Environmental problems’, majorities strongest in Labour held seats (8 out of the top 15 electorates)

Home asking prices take a dip

Asking prices on dropped 2% nationally & 3.4% in Auckland in July, but the number of new listings was up 7.5%

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; HCNZ moves home loan rates 1 bp, home loan approvals slow, payout forecasts cut, poll surprise, US dollar surges

Hot bidding for apartments but leasehold struggles

Plenty of buyers at City Sales auction of larger style apartments but leasehold units struggle; Parnell unit sells for 1/3 previous sales price

Greens eye bigger Budget surpluses

Green Budget plan sees bigger forecasts and more debt repayment; SIS watchdog launches inquiry into OIA request for Slater; National up in Roy Morgan poll

Banks align mortgage cash incentives

Cash contributions 'the currency expected in a home loan offer,' Co-operative Bank CEO says as his bank 'meets the market'

FMA sues trustee company

FMA files civil proceedings against Viaduct Capital's trustee in its first legal action against a failed finance company's trustee; First 'Section 34' use

'Hurry up and invest in property'

Gareth Morgan points out that the Green’s Robin Hood tax misses its target on wealth and inequality, and may make the situation worse. Your view?

The Weekly Dairy Report

Relief as milk auction prices settle

US Interest rate hikes likely in near term

Fonterra auction result has NZD under pressure again; USD boosted by stronger housing data; Eurozone current account surplus shrinks

Budgeting software for farmers

Coral Phillips reviews the various options you have to prepare a farm budget, and she highlights the strengths and weaknesses for each

Mixed messages & data keeps market guessing

Canadians release revised employment data after error found; BoE Governor speech leaves market confused; little life out of Europe sees EUR under pressure

Market using any excuse to sell NZD

Q2 PPI data in line with indications but surprised market causing a sell-off in NZD; US data better than expected overnight giving USD some broader support

Yields up in NZ and US

Rare Kauri adds receiving interest, DMO signals more large IIBs and syndication, ears on central bank talk

Employers data profiling their employees

PwC thinks employees will be increasingly willing to share personal data meaning data monitoring will rise and could become routine practice for organisations. Your view?

90 seconds at 9 am: Dairy prices hold

GDT prices suffer only a tiny fall; US CPI 2%; US house building expands; UST 10yr 2.40%; oil and gold fall; large grain surpluses forecast; NZ$1 = US$0.843, TWI = 79.2

ANZ non-committal on the TSM

ANZ says it has an interest in the TSM mobile wallet project through its Paymark shareholding, but there's a lot going on in the payments area

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