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6 Dec 16, 9:34am
Terry Baucher wonders if it is time to look again at the funding of superannuation and gathers some of the facts and figures
6 Dec 16, 8:50am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Tuesday, December 6, 2016
6 Dec 16, 8:06am
NZ stabilises after Key resignation; European currencies outperform; RBA meeting and AU GDP results awaited
6 Dec 16, 8:05am
Long end rates feel the pressure, led by softer UST 10yr weakness. Overnight data saw a brief boost in yields but key rates have now drifted lower
6 Dec 16, 7:30am
Dudley waits, but warns on hikes; services strong worldwide; EU holds its nerve after Italy 'no' vote; Aussie retailing booms; UST 10yr yield at 2.37%; oil up, gold down; NZ$1 = 71.3 US¢, TWI-5 = 76.9
6 Dec 16, 5:02am
Auction results: 30% sell under the hammer but nearly 40% got no bids at four major Barfoot & Thompson auctions last week
6 Dec 16, 5:02am
Insurance lawyer bites back at Tower chairman for slagging the litigation industry, he claims 'sprung up to agitate disenfranchised customers to demand not just fair resolution, but a windfall'
5 Dec 16, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; NZHL raises rates, Renzi and Italy fail, commodity prices up for 6th time, Barfoots sales weak, swaps sink, NZD slips
5 Dec 16, 2:51pm
Lending comfortably outstrips deposit growth in the September quarter at all of The Co-operative Bank, SBS Bank and TSB Bank
5 Dec 16, 2:47pm
RBNZ's Grant Spencer says Australian-style single, super AML regulatory model 'ultimately may be a good solution' for New Zealand
5 Dec 16, 2:20pm
Regardless of what John Key says, his resignation has just opened next year's election race right up
5 Dec 16, 1:59pm
Key says will vote for English as National leader in December 12 caucus vote; says National can win 4th and 5th terms with English as leader; Key says wants quieter life with family; eyes board positions in Australasia or Asia
5 Dec 16, 12:58pm
Prime Minister John Key steps down
5 Dec 16, 12:51pm
Roger J Kerr analyses the events likely to have an impact on the Kiwi currency
5 Dec 16, 12:18pm
Kiwi analyst Michael Parker on why robots and modern China are ruining Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations treatise and will frustrate Donald Trump
5 Dec 16, 12:08pm
Roger J Kerr asks if the Trump sell-off in bonds will continue
5 Dec 16, 11:33am
NZ Initiative's Martine Udahemuka asks what to make of the difference between maths performance results on TIMSS and on National Standards
5 Dec 16, 9:58am
Barfoot & Thompson says both average and median prices dropped in November, but market 'well positioned to achieve a soft landing'; Barfoots' number of available listings at highest level for nearly four years
5 Dec 16, 8:42am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, December 5, 2016
5 Dec 16, 7:11am
The NZD heading up and 'a fairer price in a world where risk appetite remains solid and commodity prices remain on an upward path'
4 Dec 16, 5:02am
2 Dec 16, 3:59pm
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