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The economy going reasonably well.
46% (38 votes)
Labour's disarray.
22% (18 votes)
John Key's popularity.
19% (16 votes)
Kim Dotcom.
8% (7 votes)
Nicky Hagar's Dirty Politics book.
5% (4 votes)
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What was the main factor in National's thumping election victory?

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The Weekly Dairy Report

Milk income predictions fall and upturn may take longer than first predicted

'Take a long, hard look at your farming systems'

DairyNZ concerned for about a quarter of dairy farmers who "may have difficulty meeting their farm working expenses and interest payments" after payout drop

Fonterra cuts payout forecast to NZ$5.30/kg

Fonterra cuts milk payout forecast for 2014/15 to NZ$5.30/kg from NZ$6/kg, but lifts dividend range forecast; 'reflects medium term rebound view'; Peters suggests conspiracy

Low interest rates & volatility not here to stay

G20 mindful of excessive risk build up in low interest rate and volatility environment; current conditions means risk in many markets is mispriced

NZ$ continues its downward slide

Risk-off trading as airstrikes begin in Syria; European PMI weaker than expected; equity markets continue to struggle

China PMI pleasant surprise

Surprise that NZD has outpaced the AUD in the move downward; EU PMI's 'ugly reading'

Swap-bond spreads widen

Today's $270 mln LGFA bond tender may be a challenge for the market to digest, NZGBs may come under switching pressure

90 seconds at 9 am: Commodity tenterhooks

US factories hum, China better, Eurozone struggling; US protects tax base; China acts on housing; commodity prices weaken; NZ$1 = US$0.806, TWI = 78.1

Planners not a handbrake on developments

Town planners blow their own trumpet on processing resource consents

NZ tax systems rated second most competitive in OECD

We have a competitive tax system and we have growth. A major comparison of tax competitiveness across all OECD countries tries to suggest they are related. Your view?

ANZ NZ 'leverages scale'

ANZ NZ tells Australian analysts of market share gains, plans to use its size advantage

How is ASB faring in institutional banking?

The ups and downs of ASB/CBA in NZ institutional banking

What happened Tuesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; cash incentive pull-back, NZ competitive on tax, $1.2 bln of bond tenders, swap rates sink

The Sheep Deer and Cattle report

Bull beef contracts and saleyard prime steers break price records

Plunging dairy prices take toll on rural confidence

Dairy farmers are worried about their own prospects and are pulling back on investment; sheep and beef farmers are increasing their investment appetite

Krukziener link to plans for NZ's tallest office building

Andrew Krukziener, Bruce Sheppard and the plans for the country's tallest office building

The road to cheap energy

Rodney Dickens says because of new technologies being used to extract oil and gas, we should in time benefit from much cheaper energy and petrol/diesel prices

Gen Ys becoming property orphans

Gen Ys giving up on buying a house and loading up on credit card debt says Veda

Labour in chaos as Cunliffe lashes out

Key eyes new reforms to reduce child poverty; rejects 'Koru lounge talk' of using outright majority to 'veer to the right'; Labour in chaos as Cunliffe staggers on and lashes out

Maximising value in Chinese markets

Christina Stringer sees an urgent need for NZ companies to upgrade their Global Value Chains to avoid becoming little more than Chinese cost centres

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