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Monday's Top 10 at 10

Out of ammo; bad soils; don't worry; Krugman says we can grow; a big investment distortion; the new wonder material; rent; George Best; SOI; Clarke & Dawe; Dilbert, and more is hiring

We are ready to appoint a new senior business journalist skilled at explaining the drivers of the economy and its key sectors

Savers go even shorter

David Chaston looks at the bank rate offers for savers in the light of rising interest rate expectations and finds a focus on bonus saver accounts

Taking the crosshairs off farmers

Willy Leferink has some common sense advice for dairy farmers: run your business better than the legal standards and you won't be a target. Your view?

How to kill two housing birds with one big stone of capital from China

Bernard Hickey argues any trickle of housing investment from China should be turned into a flood that builds thousands of affordable homes in central Auckland

Property trends become harder to forecast

Alistair Helm calls on the REINZ to collect and make available more granular housing sales data so that public debate can be better informed

Is there really a housing shortage?

Alistair Helm looks for a way to better assess the state of the NZ property market and finds it has turned

Contrasting peer-to-peer lending applicants

NZMEA CEO John Walley, entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett apply to FMA for peer-to-peer lending licence; Harmoney, led by ex-Pacific Retail Finance GM, also applying

Dairy NZ says won't be water 'whipping boy' any more

Dairy NZ says won't tolerate being 'whipping boy' over urban complaints about water quality any more; Fish and Game calls for water inquiry

Data on bank switching may go public

Payments NZ mulls making data on the volume of customers changing banks public as ING Direct lobbies for UK type switching system in Australia

No credit card monogamy for ANZ or BNZ

ANZ and BNZ don't plan to follow rivals ASB and Westpac into relationships with just one credit card provider

'Auckland housing doesn't make sense'

NZIER's Shamubeel Eaqub on Auckland housing market not making sense, danger of housing over supply & 3 things for debate in election year

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; job ads lift, welfare rolls shrink, confidence rises, NZGS bond demand strong, swap rates rise

NZ Govt Bond tender number 518 results

Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln received bids for NZ$851 mln with an average weighted yield of 4.40% (previously 4.37%)

Genesis shares an instant hit

Shares in the last of the SOE partial privatisations have the best debut of the lot

Co-op welcomed into scheme

Co-operative Bank becomes 11th lender to sign up to Government's housing scheme; Housing Minister Nick Smith wants more

Selling houses to foreigners 'benefits NZers'

Ban on overseas house buyers would make Kiwis worse off, argues ACT Party

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

How money really works; Will the world's new middle classes drop back into poverty?; Charting the pigs in the python; Tony Alexander and the carry trade; Jon Stewart; Dilbert

Arguments for regional LVR rules 'don't hold water'

BNZ’s Tony Alexander says there is 'nothing inequitable' about regional housing markets suffering because of LVR rules

Anthony Healy named new BNZ CEO

Anthony Healy, currently director of BNZ Partners, to succeed Andrew Thorburn as BNZ CEO

Feature of the Week

This is a quarterly reading of employment confidence, done by McDemott-Miller for Westpac, and published by Westpac economics.

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