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The Weekly Dairy Report

Rains boost production in the north, but advisers suggest careful scrutiny of all costs

You'd better watch out ...

Top tips to avoid becoming a festive season burglary statistic

November trade deficit smaller than expected

Although falling dairy exports continue, rising meat exports cushioned the impact last month making the 2014 result the second best November since 1991

Maturing markets

Strong underlying growth in online spending at offshore merchants; online sales by domestic merchants grow +4.5% year-on-year

How we compare

New Zealand’s rankings on the OECD’s measures of well-being

Low volumes

Equities higher, gold and oil lower, eyes on NZ November trade data

Holiday briefing: Chinese banking quake

US housing market stumbles; IMF sees boost from lower oil prices; banker bonuses up; Chinese saver disruption; oil prices rise; gold drops; NZ$1 = 77.3 USc, TWI = 78.4

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report

Dairy numbers reach 6.7 million, beef cattle stable but sheep and deer fall again

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; ANZ cuts SeriousSaver, TSB Bank cuts term deposit rates, rents higher, confidence lower, swaps softer

Rental market squeezed by higher rents and fewer new tenancies

Rents on new tenancies rise 4.5% nationally and 13.7% in Auckland as the residential property market tightens

University won't necessarily make you a better person

Elizabeth Davies attends a graduation ceremony, says university's great but not the be all and end all

Currency markets drift

Markets await US final Q3 GDP data; low liquidity could exaggerate market moves; gold lower, oil higher

Why so slow?

Cameron Preston takes a look at Canterbury earthquake claims settlements and finds IAG and Southern Response apparently struggling

2014's top stories

We look back on a big, successful year and reveal our most popular stories; announce expanded coverage for 2015

90 seconds at 9 am: Prepare for rate rises, says Fed

US rate rises may come in Q2 2015; small gain on TARP; China bigger; UK fx arrest; bitcoin not money or currency; NZ$1 = 77.3 USc, TWI = 78.5

The 10 numbers of 2014

Bernard Hickey picks out the Top 10 numbers of 2014 and looks at whether they mean the economy is as 'rock solid' as Bill English suggests

An economic risk to our rivers?

Geoff Simmons asks what plummeting milk prices mean for our fresh water. With farmers under financial stress does that means the environment is in second place?

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; immigration pace picks up, job ad growth very localised, oil price dives, credit card use rises, swap rates jump and steepen

ASB still in Fair Play on Fees' sights

Fair Play on Fees says exception fees law suit against ASB coming in 2015

Who is winning the credit card war?

Competition in the lucrative credit card market ramped up this year, and is likely to continue doing so in 2015

Feature of the Week

This quarterly series tracks the prices New Zealand exporters and importers get or pay in international trade transactions.

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