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Party Policies - Aquaculture

This is where the parties stand on Aquaculture

Party Policies - Tourism

This is where the parties stand on Tourism.

Party Policies - Road Safety

This is where the parties stand on Road Safety

Party Policies - Fisheries

This is where the parties stand on Fisheries

Party Policies - Business

This is where the parties stand on Business issues

Party Policies - Racing

This is where the parties stand on Racing

Party Policies - Economic Development

This is where the parties stand on Economic Development

Party Policies - Insurance

This is where the parties stand on Insurance

Party Policies - Justice

This is where the parties stand on Justice ssues.

Party Policies - Power

This is where the parties stand on Power

What happened today

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; rates react to RBNZ hike, confidence fades, affordability actually improves, wholesale swap rates rise, and more

Annual stress tests 'a sensible frequency'

RBNZ's Spencer says introduction of NZ owned banks to stress testing underway, will be useful over time

Stability to trump competition

EY says maintaining system stability likely to trump competition in Aust financial system inquiry, with search on for policies to address retirement income 'longevity challenge'

Home price falls beat interest rate rises

NZ home loan affordability improves in June after house price falls, Roost Home Loan Affordability Reports show

High-profile research says the ‘social cost of carbon’ is too low

Facing the right costs right would help companies and households better understand the full value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your view?

Apartment market runs out of puff

Auckland apartment sales are stalling as vendor expectations get ahead of what investors are prepared to pay

'Book your parity party venue'

HSBC sees Kiwi dollar challenging parity with the Aussie dollar by year's end

Better times in prospect for red meat

Allan Barber finds some strong green shoots in the sheep and beef farming sector; half-full or half-empty? Your view?

Auckland Airport refinancing offshore

Auckland Airport borrows US$250 mln for 12 years at lowest borrowing margin against US Treasuries for NZ company in the last decade

Bernard's election diary - July 25

Brownlee gives up Civil Aviation responsibilities during Inquiry into airport security breach; Gareth Morgan launches water campaign; Labour sets Local Govt policy; Your view?

Feature of the Week

The data for this chart is the total number of house-sales transactions that went unconditional, as recorded by REINZ's reporting members.

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