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NZD/USD trends lower

ECB tones back the urgency rhetoric, European currencies stronger, eyes on NZ Q4 inflation expectations

NZ long govt bonds look attractive

German business confidence shows surprising gain, US services confidence high but sagging, NZ swaps basically unchanged

90 seconds at 9 am: 'A deficit of trust'

Business confidence down everywhere except China (and NZ); Murray says banks have reputation problem; Russia bleeds; NZ$1 = 78.5 USc, TWI = 78.3

APRA vs RBNZ on bank capital

Martien Lubberink asks just how well capitalised New Zealand’s major banks actually are; Compares APRA's view on the parents to the RBNZ's on the subsidiaries

ANZ claims market low 18 mth mortgage rate

New Zealand's biggest home loan lender cuts nearly every fixed rate it offers, matching the market in some terms, going lower in others

Kiwibank breaches bank registration again

Kiwibank breaches bank registration for 2 month period

Key says deficit forecast possible

Key acknowledges Treasury may forecast budget deficit in December 16 HYEFU, but he remains confident of final surplus; Key confident of China growth and dairy demand

Strong September quarter from Kiwibank

Kiwibank September quarter profit jumps 35%, net interest margin rises, cost to income ratio falls

Not even IRD can prevail against compound interest's power

Terry Baucher reveals the IRD's failing tax penalty system, says the taxman faces a growing problem with debt management

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; BNZ reduces savings interest, Kiwibank pulls back on high LVR lending, migrants keep coming, record visitor levels, NZD firms

Kiwibank puts brakes on high LVR lending

Kiwibank temporarily halts high LVR home lending that's not exempt from the RBNZ restrictions to 'rebalance the book'

Little picks Robertson for Finance

New Labour Leader Andrew Little chooses Grant Robertson as Finance Spokesman; Little talks up wealth taxes on property investors and KiwiBuild, but talks down Capital Gains Tax

Battling NZ's fixed-cost raising regulations

The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton argues some NZ regulations could piggyback on other countries rather than reinvent their own expensive wheels

Immigration hits new all time high

Migration adds another 47,684 residents in the year to October, could reach 55,000 next year

How a dog can show amazing returns

Elizabeth Davies says the emotional benefits of dog ownership can outweigh the financial cost

Monday's Top 10

David Chaston on a dishonesty culture in banks; a China mortgage bomb; what's doing us in; more migration, better equity; SOI fears in perspective; Dilbert & more

AUD and NZD bounce on PBoC moves

China stimulus may fuel demand for commodities; Draghi talks tough on deflation

ECB and PBoC spark fx markets into life

Stimulus promise and rate cuts in Europe and China shift the NZD higher; today eyes are on the latest migration data

The NZ 2-10s swap curve "remarkably flat"

NZ borrowers can expect low short end swaps until well into 2015; Draghi wants to raise inflation expectations 'as fast as possible'

90 seconds at 9 am: Growing credit risks

China cuts rates; Australia faces more risk; US targets merchant banking; ECB and EU plan more stimulus; UST 10yr 2.31%; gold and oil up; NZ$1 = 78.8 USc, TWI = 78.5

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