Given the Commerce Commission's revelations over Credit Sails, should Forsyth Barr be kicked off the govt's broker panel selling Mighty River Power shares?



Responding to the

Responding to the publication, Forsyth Barr managing director Neil Paviour-Smith said the firm had already taken responsibility by contributing to a $60m settlement fund to compensate investors.
"It's less about the blame game and more about getting people their money back," he said.
"We've dealt with this, we've moved on from it."   
Paviour-Smith said he was not proud of the emails exposed in the report, but they were a sideshow to the main issue of trying to get a good outcome for investors. 
Yeah Right!!!!
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Those who have no issue with

Those who have no issue with Forsyth Barr  must have a morality bypass.   Makes you wonder what somebody would have to do to make them disapprove. 

are you saying our leaders

are you saying our leaders have no Morals?

No, A.J. they just set the

No, A.J. they just set the Barr too low due to a  lack of Forsythe.
Bloody dyslexia's acting up again.

I was expressing concern

I was expressing concern about the voters in the polls.  Surprised by that.  But that's the way they think.  (although how many of those voters are Forsyth Barr staff ??  hmmmh.)
Didn't set out to say that about our leaders. But the cap does fit.

cap or belaclava?

cap or belaclava?