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Chinese shopping for Canterbury farms

Chinese buyers and corporate investors are increasingly common on Canterbury farms, Bayleys says

'Fonterra of forestry' initiative unveiled

Chinese/Australian venture launches United Forestry to become 'Fonterra of forestry' so 14,000 smaller foresters can market NZ$30 bln 'wall of wood'

Back to the future?

Andrew Hoggard says the best thing we can do as farmers is to reduce the push for unionism by being the best employers we can. Your view?

Requirements of a good employee

John Brosnan discusses a rarely reviewed subject: what an employee needs to bring to a workplace

Budgeting software for farmers

Coral Phillips reviews the various options you have to prepare a farm budget, and she highlights the strengths and weaknesses for each

ANZCO, a case of successful foreign investment

Allan Barber reviews the complex issues surrounding 'foreign ownership' of rural businesses & points to ANZCO as an example of how it can work to advantage NZ

Where the green voters are

Huge majority of New Zealanders (79.2%) want action on ‘Environmental problems’, majorities strongest in Labour held seats (8 out of the top 15 electorates)

The Weekly Dairy Report

Relief as milk auction prices settle

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report

Contracts appear to be in front of the spot market with Lamb and Venison

Farm sales ease

Farm sales numbers and prices edge down in July, says REINZ; Six dairy farm sales in July lowest in a month since September 2012