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An economic risk to our rivers?

Geoff Simmons asks what plummeting milk prices mean for our fresh water. With farmers under financial stress does that means the environment is in second place?

The Weekly Dairy Report

Positive movements at auction but a long way to go for budgets to break even

Farm sales steady but dairy units slide

Lower milk prices hit dairy farm prices but one Waikato property sells for more than $109,000 per hectare setting a new record

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report

Velvet prices rise but all other products ease on traditional summer market cycles

Lifting the average is the key

Allan Barber wonders if the focus on processor industry reform is the key to better returns; perhaps the real solutions are to be found on-farm

Fonterra forecast 'credit negative' for NZ banks

Moody's wary of potential impact on banks of reduced Fonterra payout, but doesn't expect return to 2010 level of non-performing loans

Mymilk likely to get up noses of Fonterra shareholders

Allan Barber is incredulous about the MyMilk offer from Fonterra, even more interested to know what Fonterra shareholding suppliers think

Pre-existing prejudices 'confirmed'

First review of the Sustainable Dairying Water Accord provides fodder for both sides of the rural water quality debate

Fonterra cuts payout forecast 60c/kg

Fonterra cuts payout forecast for 2014/15 to eight year low of $4.70/kg; National income seen down more than NZ$6 bln; NZ$ drops half a cent to 76.6 USc; Fonterra may top up dividend

December log market report

Export log prices rise modestly as Chinese investment in processing rises and excess stocks continue to fall; urbanisation pace not slacking. Local NZ markets in 'good health'