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Changes afoot in Japanese rice farming

Allan Barber wonders if the long-standing reluctance of Japan to open up its markets to agricultural imports may be coming to an end as its rice farming 'rots from the inside'

The Weekly Dairy Report

Good feed conditions at present but some nervousness for summer production

Dairy inspections find disappointing practices

Council says some dairy farmers determined not to accept stewardship responsibilities to farm in ways that are compliant with Otago’s most basic and most important waterway protection rules

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report

No credible alternative offered in red meat restructure states Alliance chief

The Weekly Dairy Report

Auction prices lift but so does the currency

October log market report

Export log price rebound gathers steam with China use up strongly and New Zealand's share dominating in that market; big new commitment to domestic market announced

Inflation may be 'lower for longer'

Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens says RBNZ may now not increase OCR until after June next year; Says meat prices may fall

Good safety policies include your own well-being

John Brosnan says that now is the time to schedule some down-time for yourself now that the added stresses of calving and mating are finished for the year

Increasing production will not be enough ...

Gavin Haddon says low dairy prices will require new skills and changes to the way you manage. He sets out a range of things you can do

Rabobank NZ faces credit rating downgrade

S&P likely to drop Rabobank NZ long-term credit rating one notch to A+ after end of Dutch parent's unconditional guarantee; NZ CEO says bank has outgrown the need for a parental guarantee