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ANZ, Westpac cut forecast Fonterra payouts

ANZ cuts its forecast Fonterra 2014/15 milk price payout by 40c, puts call for next OCR hike in March under review; Westpac cuts its forecast payout by 50c

Election result should be good for agriculture

Allan Barber surveys the implications of the election result on the rural sector and finds most leaders see present policies delivering "the desired outcomes". Your view?

Dairy prices face prolonged spell in doldrums

Rabobank sets the bears among the cows, puts the blame on China

The Weekly Dairy Report

Tatua once again leads the pack in profits and predictions

The Sheep Deer and Cattle report

Poor pelt returns ease lamb optimism but big beef price lifts continue

'Take a long, hard look at your farming systems'

DairyNZ concerned for about a quarter of dairy farmers who "may have difficulty meeting their farm working expenses and interest payments" after payout drop

Exporting is just the beginning and definitely not the end

Professor Ang calls for a more nuanced approach to international trade, says exporting only a 1st step. Being involved in the value chain crucial

English welcomes NZ$ fall

Finance Minister welcomes NZ$ fall as reducing headwind for exporters; says RBNZ will be happy to see it continuing to fall; sees not much inflation for consumers; likes Key's 'Goldilocks' forecast

Plunging dairy prices take toll on rural confidence

Dairy farmers are worried about their own prospects and are pulling back on investment; sheep and beef farmers are increasing their investment appetite

'National-led Government wins mandate for RMA reforms'

Fed Farmers claims a key message in National's win is that voters "have again rejected Water Taxes and a Capital Gains Tax"; want RMA reforms "for NZ to become a primary superpower"