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Better times in prospect for red meat

Allan Barber finds some strong green shoots in the sheep and beef farming sector; half-full or half-empty? Your view?

Debt free farm slices to tempt investors

The latest dairy farm syndicate spurns debt as investors focus on risk

High-profile research says the ‘social cost of carbon’ is too low

Facing the right costs right would help companies and households better understand the full value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your view?

Time for government to wake up

Allan Barber says only the Government has the power to bring urgently needed change to a now disillusioned red meat industry that has been trying on its own for 30 years

Kiwi red meat really starting to sizzle

From the farm gate to the customer’s table, red meat - NZ’s one-time export star - is again cooking with gas says ANZ's Graham Turley

New season farm confidence slips with OCR implications

Dairy farmer confidence ebbs while meat and fibre farmers remain positive in the latest new-season Fed Farmers survey

Herd mentality ?

The latest USDA dairy report thinks we are being far too negative about our dairy export prospects in 2014-15

Lamb exports above $2 billion, but worrying trends

Allan Barber points out that the skyrocketing sales of export mutton suggests no slowdown in the slaughter of capital stock


Rick Powdrell says now is the time to support wool. He likes the Cavalier Bremworth campaign, and calls for push-back against PETA

ANZ sees possible 'sub $6' Fonterra payout

 ANZ says 'poor' dairy auction shows material change to economy's risk profile, financial conditions tightening materially, NZ$ vulnerable to a correction; ASB, Westpac cut forecasts