The Weekly Dairy Report

Price momentum maintained at auction as autumn looks more hopeful for rain

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report

Good half year for PGGW, but will the full year be affected by the dry?

LendMe eyes peer-to-peer licence

LendMe eyes rural sector and top up loans for home buyers with peer-to-peer licence from the FMA expected 'shortly.' Commercial property, equipment sectors also in the plans

Magnetic milk – the lure of dairy investment down under

Rabobank warns of intense competition and the risk of oversupply in dairy markets, plus the uncertainty of a new focus by regulators

Tracking the Baltic Dry Index now fairly pointless

Forget the Baltic Dry angst - world trade is growing at healthy rates

ANZCO's ownership and management evolving, concentrating

Allan Barber looks at the recent changes at ANZCO Foods and the new path Itoham Foods is taking them

NZ's trade balance creeps into surplus

Cheap oil imports outweigh the impact on NZ's trade balance of cheaper dairy exports

Fonterra still seen likely to raise milk price forecast

Economists still believe Fonterra may yet raise its forecast milk price for the current year even though the diary giant declined to do so in an update today

The Weekly Dairy Report

No rain in forecast for very dry areas but payout predicted to rise

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report

Some rain for some areas gives hope, but markets are still weak

Bank execs nervous about inflated asset prices

Bank bosses air concerns about foreigners pushing NZ asset prices too high, and they're also worried about house price inflation