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Saving news

Contrasting peer-to-peer lending applicants

NZMEA CEO John Walley, entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett apply to FMA for peer-to-peer lending licence; Harmoney, led by ex-Pacific Retail Finance GM, also applying

TSB, Co-op lift term deposit rates

Range of term deposit rate increases from TSB, Co-operative Bank introduces 4-month 'special'

Here comes peer-to-peer lending

Online dating services for borrowers and lenders are almost upon us, so what will they mean?

Who has the best home loan & deposit rates?

An overview of banks' post OCR rate hikes shows ANZ both gave & took the most; Plus which banks have the lowest home loan rates & highest term deposit rates

Westpac floating mortgage rate up 10 basis points

Westpac, last major bank to move after OCR increase, lifts a floating home loan rate 10 basis points, increases short-term deposit rates 25 basis points

ANZ 1st out of the blocks

ANZ to increase floating mortgage rates by 25 basis points and flagship savings account rate by 25 basis points; Says rising interest rates are good for savers

Staying on top

ANZ pushes its term deposit rates up a notch, now has best main bank rate for 18 months

Banks' net cash outflow with customers

NZ's big 5 banks lending more money than they're taking in through deposits for 1st time in 4 years

'10 KiwiSaver default providers manageable'

ANZ Wealth boss John Body says doubling number of KiwiSaver default providers would be manageable for the industry; Favours move to 'lifestyle' investment

A laggard moves up

Westpac finally adjusts its term deposit rates up to market levels, adds a 4 month 'special'