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Saving news

Let them eat CoCos?

Victoria University's Martien Lubberink argues bank bonds banned from sale to UK retail investors should be sold in denominations of $100k to protect vulnerable investors

ICBC's home loan & deposit rates

ICBC NZ home loan and deposit interest rates now available on

Kiwibank raises term deposit rates

Higher term deposit rates for all terms to one year from Kiwibank see it grab market leading positions for six and twelve months

Harmoney to start trading 'very soon'

Peer-to-peer lender Harmoney unveils its full board of directors, says 'go live' near

'A push for a tax subsidy for KiwiSaver'

Chapman Tripp takes a look at the Fair Tax for Savers campaign and asks if savers are over-taxed, and if so, why?

Co-op Bank raises rates

Both floating home loan rates and term deposit rates are increased by the Co-operative Bank, effective Wednesday

The bank wins, savers lose

Moves in mortgage and deposit rates since the RBNZ started OCR hikes show savers losing out, bank margins rising and competition in the borrowing market

Westpac raises term deposit rates

Westpac raises term deposit rates by between 10 and 35 bps for all terms up to eighteen months

BNZ hikes floating mortgage rates

BNZ third bank to increase floating mortgage rates post latest OCR hike, also lifts 9 month deposit rate by 25 basis points

ANZ lifts floating, flexi mortgage rates

ANZ follows OCR hike with increases to floating and flexi mortgage rates, introduces term deposit 'special'; ASB hikes floating rates & 2 deposit rates