Saving news

When a term deposit really means a term deposit

Banks toughening rules around making early withdrawals from term deposits; Ombudsman says think of term deposits like a fixed term loan with a contract for a specific time

Harmoney eyes mortgage market

Harmoney CEO Neil Roberts 'getting excited' about potential move into mortgage market, says would-be 1st home buyers among Harmoney's investors

Lessons from Portugal

Gareth Vaughan says the NZ Super Fund's Portuguese stoush is a timely reminder of how messy things can get when a bank fails

The bank and the borrower win

Savers being squeezed by the law of supply and demand as bank net interest margins rise

Term deposit rate cuts keep coming

As wholesale rates fall, banks keep reducing their term deposit offers. Some opportunities are briefly open

ANZ cuts term deposit rates

Cuts of 10 to 30 basis points to 1 to 5 year term deposit rates made by ANZ

BNZ cuts term deposit rates

BNZ cuts term deposit interest rates as 2015 starts with better news for borrowers than savers

Enticing savers

We review who offered the 'best' term deposit rates in 2014 and find there are two banks who consistently offer the highest rates for 6 and 12 months

Bonus savers compared

We assess the rate premiums available from bonus saver accounts and compare them to term deposit offers

Slumping oil price 'game changer for investors'

Oil price to remain weak for 3 years, helping restrain both interest rates and inflation, Macquarie's Brad Gordon says