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'Auckland housing doesn't make sense'

NZIER's Shamubeel Eaqub on Auckland housing market not making sense, danger of housing over supply & 3 things for debate in election year

Selling houses to foreigners 'benefits NZers'

Ban on overseas house buyers would make Kiwis worse off, argues ACT Party

Arguments for regional LVR rules 'don't hold water'

BNZ’s Tony Alexander says there is 'nothing inequitable' about regional housing markets suffering because of LVR rules

Inflation weaker than expected

Inflation weaker than expected as strong NZ$, lower airfares and lower electronics costs offset tobacco tax hike and surge in housing cost inflation; OCR hike still on for next Thursday

Chinese developer to build Auckland hotel

Len Brown hails 'new era' for private capital funded Auckland infrastructure projects with $200m hotel; Another project set to be revealed next month

English says planning rules hiked rents

English says Auckland's excessive planning rules on minimum apartment size and balconies boost rents by NZ$80/week; rules a factor in interest rates and inequality

Key open to foreign buyer data inquiry

Key, English agree better data collection on foreign ownership of homes would be better; won't rule out collecting data; Labour says National 'wobbling'

English sees 20% wage growth in 6 yrs

English says Treasury will forecast GDP growth of 2-4% from 2014 to 2018 in Budget 2014; sees average wage growth of 20% in six years to 2018

'All power to the borrowers!'

ANZ economists see banks offering 'fierce' discounts to advertised mortgage rates as high LVR lending picks up pace. What are you seeing?

Key sees flattening Auckland house prices

Key says Auckland home owners should welcome flattening of house price inflation; Govt opposed to Councils taxing sales and incomes; Key welcomes housing affordability debate with Labour

The house price conundrum

David Hargreaves asks: Is house price growth accelerating or slowing? And how on earth are we supposed to be able to tell?

The elusive house price story

Westpac chief economist says it's  impossible to tell what is really going on with house prices

Govt sets housing affordability target

Nick Smith says has told Government to target housing affordability at four times income, down from seven times income in Auckland now; More housing policy in May 15 Budget

Aussie-style foreign house buyer curbs ‘not enough’ for NZ

BNZ’s Tony Alexander sees a 'clear risk' that Australian-style curbs on offshore house buyers would not 'mute' the worsening situation in Auckland

House prices soar again

REINZ says annual house price inflation surged to 9.2% in past month from 8.2%; national median rose $25k in month to new record $440k

New way around LVR restrictions?

FMA says peer-to-peer loans could be used to help fund house purchases

Migration the 'swing factor' for Auckland housing

Auckland Council Chief economist says high net migration will 'significantly bolster' housing demand in the city this year

'Banks will compete away their margins'

John Bolton argues interest rates will track below what the market is pricing in, and says we're a long way from seeing mortgage rates above 8%

Councils review reliance on rates

Local Government NZ launches council funding review; says property rates may not be sustainable; Road tolling, sales taxes, income taxes mooted as alternatives

Key says net foreign buying may be zero

Key cites Tony Alexander's research in saying net buying of homes by foreigners may be "zero"; Cunliffe cites phone bidders at auctions and Chinese investors in pushing for foreign buying limits

LVR limits for Auckland mooted

US academic says targeted rather than nationwide response to rising Auckland house prices would be 'prudent'

First home buyers still lagging

Research on shows LVR speed limits continue to knock back numbers buying first houses

Budget deficit worse than expected

GST, PAYE and corporate tax receipts running about NZ$550 below forecasts; English says still on track for 2014/15 surplus, but makes it tougher; Tax cuts ruled out for May 15

Westpac ends two-tier mortgages

Westpac removes special higher mortgage rates for high-LVR customers, but retains low equity margin

Price pressures rise in 'stonking' QSBO

"Stonking" NZIER QSBO finds businesses most confident about their own trading since June 1999; building investment intentions highest since 1975; supports more OCR hikes