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Keen bidding on remediated apartment

Leaky units can recover value quickly once they are fixed up

RBNZ to go back to its toolbox?

RBNZ seen potentially introducing another macro-prudential tool to try and rein in housing market building a new head of steam

The property market in pictures

ANZ's economics team runs us through the property market in 16 charts; Says recent monthly data hints at a potential second wind

Smith and Auckland Housing Accord praised and damned

Nick Smith and Len Brown pat each other's backs over the Auckland Housing Accord while Phil Twyford snipes from the sidelines

$512k gets you 56sq m in downtown Auckland

Bidders are out in force for better quality apartments

Bernard's Top 10

How Europe is turning Japanese; Just restructure the euro-debt; World Bank's dire climate change warning; The Chinese general's tonne of cash; Dilbert

Auckland's migrant flow up 5-fold since 2012

Auckland attracting at least 21,825 migrants a year, another 5,735 head to Canterbury

ANZ claims market low 18 mth mortgage rate

New Zealand's biggest home loan lender cuts nearly every fixed rate it offers, matching the market in some terms, going lower in others

Key says deficit forecast possible

Key acknowledges Treasury may forecast budget deficit in December 16 HYEFU, but he remains confident of final surplus; Key confident of China growth and dairy demand

Little picks Robertson for Finance

New Labour Leader Andrew Little chooses Grant Robertson as Finance Spokesman; Little talks up wealth taxes on property investors and KiwiBuild, but talks down Capital Gains Tax

Immigration hits new all time high

Migration adds another 47,684 residents in the year to October, could reach 55,000 next year

Apartment triples in value in 3 years

 Recladding triples the value of an apartment in a  formerly leaky building

BNZ, Kiwibank cut 3-yr home loan rates

Cuts to three-year, fixed-term home loan rates from BNZ and Kiwibank; Kiwibank ends five-year 'special'

Westpac launches new 18 mth home loan 'special'

The Red Bank rejigs its home loan offers; targets 18 month, 3 year and 5 year terms for lower conditional rates

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Bill Gross' US$290 mln bonus for failing; Russell Brand and the Tory landlord; Taxing carbon and the end of the world; Germany's housing solution; A salmon cannon; Dilbert

Why leasehold can never be too cheap

Even a cheap leasehold unit can be difficult to make money from

Labour elects Little as leader

Labour Party elects Andrew Little as leader; clears way for Labour to drop Capital Gains Tax and later age of eligibility for NZ Super; union support gives Little tight win over Robertson

Migration may not be as high as you think

Most migrants are coming here as students or on working visas rather than to live, new figures show

Concrete output hits all time high

Strong commercial building sector pushes ready mixed concrete output to all time high

Westpac economist supports RBNZ's LVRs

Westpac's chief economist says he 'more than agrees' with the Reserve Bank's decision to keep LVR limits in place

Amazingly disastrous Auckland

Bernard Hickey looks inside the RBNZ's Financial Stability Report & finds out just how much Auckland's housing market dictates NZ's finances

ASB offers NZ's lowest 4 year mortgage rate

A new set of home loan rate offers from ASB & cousins sees a more aggressive and lower position by one of our biggest mortgage banks

Harcourts October sales mixed

Harcourts sales were up in most parts of the country but down in Auckland in October

Bernard's Top 10

Britain's rise of the machines and 10 million missing jobs; Here comes Xi; Just study the ABs; London's sociopathic City bankers; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

Another Sandringham house sells for $1.7m

A second house in Auckland's Sandringham sells for $1.7 million as prices head sky high