18 Oct 17, 2:37pm
With no current Government and no permanent Reserve Bank Governor, there's potential for important decisions regarding housing to be left late
18 Oct 17, 2:00pm
Worrying about the potential downside of smart machines can blind us to the exciting possibilities they may open up for us in the future, argues Darl Kolb
16 Oct 17, 10:13am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy argues NZ is looking less like a developed nation and more like a pretender as well educated young people flock overseas
16 Oct 17, 8:45am
Roger J Kerr says an inflation rate over 2% looks likely next year
14 Oct 17, 7:24am
The ANZ's not wanting to answer questions about its now protracted sales process for UDC Finance - but it will have to soon
13 Oct 17, 10:31am
Sam Warburton welcomes public debate over the road toll but bemoans that it has taken horrific accidents and many deaths to trigger it
13 Oct 17, 10:02am
Motu on Nobel Prizes, discussions of MMP, feeding the world, a Pakistani teen's scientific first, how economics has a problem with women, solving the riddle of Kim Jong-un backwards and more
11 Oct 17, 2:44pm
Winston Peters says we're now in compromise territory; National wasn't a fan of the Auckland Port to Whangarei move, but something has to be shifted up there; Is the answer across the water?
11 Oct 17, 8:42am
The next US Fed chair could be Kevin Warsh. Fathom Consulting looks at the direction he is likely to want, and whether he could carry the FOMC with a much more hawkish stance
10 Oct 17, 11:29am
David Hargreaves suggests the Australian masters of the ANZ may not have done the venerable New Zealand finance company UDC any favours by snatching at the highest price available for selling it
10 Oct 17, 9:40am
Martien Lubberink welcomes the RBNZ Dashboard bank disclosure regime, sees lessons for other countries & expects even greater disclose as the RBNZ beds it in
9 Oct 17, 9:22am
Roger J Kerr says higher interest rates could be expected if we get a Labour-Greens-led government
6 Oct 17, 1:47pm
Nikko Asset Management analysts say the Phillips Curve is outdated because workforces have less bargaining power, wage inflation is only for the lucky, and profits are concentrated in a narrow set of knowledge-focussed industries
6 Oct 17, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang with the latest happenings across the Asia-Pacific including a new couple, an old & odd couple, arbitration of the Belt and Road, the Kra Canal proposal, capping population & more 
5 Oct 17, 7:32pm
Alex Tarrant re-lives Thursday's epic political events as Peters, English and Ardern try to navigate Parliament's notorious internal transport systems. It was a day for the history books
5 Oct 17, 8:34am
New Zealand First's two previous govt agreements were vastly different. Alex Tarrant considers whether either could be a blue-print this time around. He also wonders whether NZ First has been sending smoke signals the last week
4 Oct 17, 12:50pm
As the rate of mortgage borrowing growth continues to slow sharply, David Hargreaves ponders on what level of growth the RBNZ would be content with
3 Oct 17, 10:50am
Rodney Dickens looks at what drives global inflation, what drives New Zealand inflation, and is sceptical about how these forces will in turn influence our OCR
3 Oct 17, 8:21am
National should be loving the 'teal deal' speculation around a Blue-Greens tie-up, Alex Tarrant writes. It could draw Peters closer in giving him another rural vote 'headline win' of stopping National going with the Greens
2 Oct 17, 9:26am
Roger J Kerr says interest rate markets will be forced to adjust pricing upwards as the Federal Reserve remains on track for further rate rises


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