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Note: Calculator maximum is NZ$10,000 equivalent.
These costs are current as at and include fees. Rates change constantly. Refresh for latest.

The rates on this page are the rates each institution uses to SELL foreign currency to you. This rate is different to the one used when they BUY foreign currency from you.

The rate on this page almost always applies when you buy foreign currency notes, or travellers cheques. It is usually the rate that applies when you establish or top-up a foreign currency travel Debit Card (usually a Visa or Mastercard).

Remember, fees and fee minimums will always apply. Use our online tool to find the best deal inclusive of fees.

The rates on this page are always up-to-date, and are sourced from each institution's web page. REFRESH this page to ensure you have the latest rates.

Code Currency   ANZ ASB BNZ Westpac
AUD Australian dollar   0.9531 0.9497 0.9503 0.9480
CAD Canadian dollar   0.8535 0.8529 0.8534 0.8521
CHF Swiss franc   0.6301 0.6284 0.6289
EUR Euro   0.5882 0.5866 0.5872 0.5873
FJD Fiji dollar   1.3904 1.3826 1.3826
GBP British pound   0.4965 0.4953 0.496 0.4947
HKD Hong Kong dollar   5.0472 5.0489 5.0494 5.0459
INR Indian rupee   45.9599 45.8857
SGD Singapore dollar   0.8776 0.8752 0.8773 0.8771
THB Thai bhat   19.7681 19.6596 19.53
USD United States dollar   0.6498 0.65 0.6517 0.6492
JPY Japanese yen   70.97 71.001 71.02 71.0533
ZAR South African rand   9.3411 9.3041 9.3393
  Fee   1.1% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
  Fee minimum   $12 $10 $10 $10

Rates above are current as at 9:00 AM, January 25, 2020



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Can you add  'loaded' as a comparison too?

This seems to be a great option - more flexible and secure than TC, definitely more secure than cash, and allows you to lock in the rate in a way that you can't if you just use your regular credit card.



'Loaded' is a Kiwibank/NZ Post Visa product. But they don't make their rates available online for comparison. When you buy or top-up a Loaded card, you should check our tool to make sure you are getting a competitive rate. Don't forget to add in the Loaded fees ($12 the first time, slightly less on a re-load) to make sure you are comparing like-for-like.


Thanks David.

Good idea - I'll check what I might get here (Westpac for US$ looks good right now, but changes all the time), and then compare to what NZPost is offering.

Looks like the $12 fee is a one off and as long as I use the card, it never repeats.  If I load up USD now and have some left, I can always 'spend' them via PayPal on overseas websites (Amazon etc) once a year to keep it active.

The load fee is interesting though, but I guess that is akin to the banks 'fee' (as opposed to the spread on rates)?


Hi David,
The rates for Loaded are available on Kiwibank's website, here.

Many pitfalls with travel cards. Loaded for Travel and several other travel cards have been reviewed in detail in including an FX rate survey.

Can you tell me where I can find a similar thing to compare cashing foreign (specifically Canadian) money into NZ funds? We've got a chunk of money coming our way in a couple days. Thanks.

If you don't need it immediately consider parking it in a foreign currency account with one of the banks/sharebrokers etc.  That way you can take advantage of a falling NZD and choose your own time to convert it back. You will get sweet nothing in interest on it which does have to be factored in.

UK banks dont pay anything in interest anyways

Doesnt seem to work for me

CHange to Aussie Dollars and click refresh - goes back to USD

Also - what about some of the smaller players - their rates may be as good

Don't click Refresh !
As soon as you choose AUD it will display the AUD results. ditto for other currencies.

(Only click Refresh to start again and re-poll the bank websites. )

Yes, we will be adding other [smaller] players later.

This is awesome, worked a treat, I changed NZD to USD at Westpac and the cost was exactly what your calc said it would be.


are you sure those rates are "buy rates"

you can get the latest AUD "spot rates" at

It would be valuable to have the latest "spot rate" alongside those prices

Can you please confirm? They look like "sell rates" not buy rates


The ASB rate for Euro in this article is the sell rate listed on their website. It looked way too good to me. Their buy rate is 0.5615 (notes) 0.5435 (cheques).
For low fx fees I'd strongly recommend NZForex I don't think the bank can beat their rates and there is no fee at all above a certain amount (eg no fees above 5000 Euros or 3000 GBP etc, see It saved us about 25K in fees on a large transfer a few years ago (which represented about 5% of the sum transferred). Just made a smallish transfer from Euros into NZ$ last week and saved a few hundred $ in fee compared with what the banks would have charged us.
Also, it only takes a few days for the money to be on your account whereas if taking a cheque in a foreign currency to the bank it's up to 6 weeks during which the money isn't available to you or earning interest. You can use their tool for an instant quote then book a deal if the result suits you to confirm the transaction (need to register with them first for that).

Fees are only part of it, the atual rate is a bigger factor.  I used nzforex for a while (bring USD into NZD) but found that ASB was giving me a better rate and more NZD.

Ozforex..once your loged on I have found to be the sharpest...Elley NZforex add a little to their (ozforex's) margin base line.
Ozforex  for data charts guru and service without complication have been by far the best I have dealt with.

"The rates on this page are the rates each institution uses to SELL foreign currency to you. "

You can check and confirm the rates we use on this page are what each bank quotes, by clicking on the bank name above the column of rates on this page. That will take you to their fx rate page.

Young kiwis I know who work offshore use pay pal to transfer foreign cash without paying fees.  I believe you need bank accounts set up in each country to transfer $/£ etc to and from.

The fees may be great but the rate might not be.  The convenience is good though for small amounts.

Rogie – you need a god hiding on your vat buttonhole.

Helloooooo......anyone there........?

I'm not sure that this is perfectly accurate.

I just spent 10mins comparing rates for Singapore Dollars before I found this calculator - what appears to be a very useful time-saving tool.

However, the notes suggest it is always up-to-date , yet the ANZ rate appears to be incorrect.

- the calculator lists the ANZ rate for Singapore Dollars at 0.9227, yet the ANZ website says 0.9158.

Please note I have refreshed both pages and cleared my cache - they are different.


Noted and Fixed.


Thanks for that amir! Will the actual calculator eventually include the other eight currencies in the table? It would be incredibly useful if it did.

At the moment ANZ's numbers are empty. And this is causing the calculator to show NaN!

Make sure it can handle when there is missing data and ignore the division by zero errors!

Thanks for feedback - we're on to it, but the fix may not show now till until Monday.

My partner and I are saving to go backpacking overseas, we have about 5000NZD saved now and are budgeting another 2000 per month for the next few months before we leave...I have been hearing that the kiwi dollar is expected to fall over the next few wondering what i should do with that money in the meantime? foriegn currency account? which currency? and what should we do with our money while travelling through asia?...we want to have access to it because we will be living off it....but dont want to get soaked with fees while trying to spend it while we're there...i see most banks charge 5 bucks for a transaction a commision? trying to figure out how to make our money stretch the furthest in the coming months before we leave as well as when we are there....any help is greatly appreciated...Thanks~!

How long are you planning on travelling. 10K might last the two of you a couple of months if you are careful. Travelling ainlt cheap even if you are backpacking around. Airfares, bus fares, train fares, etc etc all eat into your money pretty quickly. Use your cards to withdraw money but maybe  just once a week or so to cut down on bank fees and keep it well hidden of course.
Use internet banking occasionally to review your accounts, make sure from a safe computer or smart phone if you have. Know how much much money you have left and how long it has to last so you get a kind of daily budget going.
keep your rmoney in NZ on call but try to get a good rate, the interest you earn on that should help to offset currency fluctuations and bank fees a little.
 I guess you wil have a credit card if you need to use it in an emergency or have to leave somewhere in a hurry.
have fun.

Any chance of you adding a "BUY" NZD schedule, particularly the AUD/NZD pair. The varying rates offered by the different banks is astonishing.

I use OzForex for all of my transfers. If you have NZ and Australian bank accounts, it is very easy to "Bill Pay" directly to OzForex. Money is settled within 2 business days. If you login to their website, you will see an exact exchange rate - much higher than the banks.

Are you able to add the TSB Bank? I've just given them a call and their cost for $USD500 was cheaper than Westpac including fees (Westpac was listed as the best deal at the time).

I use and find them very good - rates seem the most competitive

Can you please add the Kiwibank rates? They publish on their website

I look at a lot but found this page just now.  Great work David.


Being a young kiwi earning pounds in London, a new company TransferWise offers an interesting alternative to the banks. It's essentially P2P in idea so your request to exchange is met on the other currency by someone wanting to also exchange the inverse way. I can only send GBP to NZD at this stage but the company is expanding and might be something to consider in the future if your circumstances are correct. Fees are very low and rates are closer to corporate than usual bank buy rates.


This website provides very good information. I'm curious to know, why I should not use services like NZForex or OZForex (since they provide better rates than the banks).
OZForex rates are better that NZForex for NZ/AU conversion? Any idea?

I use CurrencyFair, it provides a much better rate than any of the above. You can get very close to the actual rate (last I did was AUD/NZD at loss of ~$0.004 per dollar). Much better than banks and beats most alternates like NZ/OZ Forex or Orbit Remit etc.

*This link below is for the current sign on deal.

Once compared to banks etc its a fair bit of extra pocket money.

Would suggest anyone buying FX take remember "you may see NZD:AUD at 0.90 advertised at one bank, and 0.91 at another. You'll need to consider the transaction fee as well, usually a fixed $5 or $10, to get the most foreign currency for your New Zealand dollars." - Source:
What is $10 in one bank is 1% at others, and this can add up (disclaimer - buy forex from Kiwibank, $10 one-off fee, they tend to have lots of different denominated notes)