3 Mar 14, 9:27pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on the Crimean crisis, US non-farm payrolls, Australia's Dutch Disease, and the RBNZ's interesting and challenging year
31 Jan 14, 5:10pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on the chances of the NZ$ hitting parity with its Aussie counterpart, NZ$ outlook vs the greenback, and chickens coming home to roost in emerging markets
9 Dec 13, 2:31pm
Never a dull moment for the NZ$; Dan Bell says 'behind the curve' Fed should, but won't, start tapering its money printing this month
31 May 13, 4:28pm
Graeme Wheeler's 'quite effective' currency intervention, Kiwi dollar strength against the Aussie, and when will the Fed start draining its punch bowl?
3 May 13, 7:41am
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at the US Fed's latest FOMC statement, US 'fiscal drag', the big fall in the gold price, and next week's Australian interest rate review
28 Mar 13, 4:17pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at when and how the US Fed might turn the tap off on its massive money printing stimulus programme
1 Mar 13, 11:38am
HiFX's Dan Bell takes a look at the correlation between the NZ dollar and gold price and the potential for US money printing to end
25 Jan 13, 3:58pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on currency wars, Japanese inflation targeting, and how the RBA may force the RBNZ's hand on the OCR this year
21 Dec 12, 3:20pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks ahead to 2013 and names five key issues set to make waves in the currencies markets
14 Dec 12, 5:03pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on what it might take for the RBNZ to intervene in the currency markets, how the fiscal cliff might be good for NZ exporters, and growing current account deficit concerns
7 Dec 12, 4:01pm
HiFX's Dan Bell sees potential for an OCR hike from a hawkish RBNZ, ongoing strength in the NZ dollar, and more twisting from the US Fed
30 Nov 12, 4:26pm
Dan Bell looks ahead to next week's RBA and RBNZ interest rate reviews; Cut expected in Australia, rhetoric expected in New Zealand
23 Nov 12, 4:29pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at US fiscal cliff doomsday and best case scenarios and the NZ dollar's declining volatility
9 Nov 12, 6:15pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at why the US fiscal cliff may send the NZ$ lower, NZ's higher than expected unemployment and Japan's 1st current account deficit in 31 years
2 Nov 12, 5:51pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at what a President Romney, or a re-elected Obama, might mean for the US$, and suggests the Kiwi may be heading to US88c and A82c
26 Oct 12, 5:00pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at the 1st OCR review from new RBNZ Governor Wheeler that sent the NZ$ higher, and his 1st speech that sent the Kiwi lower
16 Oct 12, 3:46pm
HiFX's Dan Bell sees a break-down in risk-on, risk-off trade for the NZ dollar where it follows Wall Street up and down as US dollar follows US shares up
11 Oct 12, 3:21pm
David Chaston reviews what you should consider when you have an important foreign currency transaction to make
8 Oct 12, 2:06pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on potential NZ$ weakening, central bank balance sheet to GDP ratios and RBNZ room to cut OCR negating immediate need for QE
17 Sep 12, 9:10pm
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at the NZ$'s surge over 83 USc after the US Federal Reserve unleashes QE Infinity; NZ$ also firm vs Aussie dollar as 'Lucky Country' loses its luck


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