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25 Oct 17, 3:58pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home Wednesday; Labour provides direction; Labour Inspectorate investigation; Australian CPI, Fletcher earnings guidance, China PSC, rates higer, NZD lower
25 Oct 17, 12:54pm
Ardern announces Cabinet positions: Robertson gets Finance, Twyford housing, urban development and transport; Jones, Shaw and Parker get Assoc. Finance
25 Oct 17, 7:35am
Earnings drive Wall Street higher; PMIs up in US, EU and Japan; US mortgage market sags, R&D spending up; Xi the next Mao; AU calls for land tax; UST 10yr yield at 2.41%; oil up, gold down; NZ$1 = 68.9 US¢, TWI-5 = 71.8
24 Oct 17, 4:39pm
Greens outline confidence and supply agreement with new Government, which includes 20 'policy goals' across Green priority areas; one goal is a Rent to Own housing scheme
24 Oct 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home Tuesday; TSB's hot 3yr rate, compounding underbuilding, AI banking app, cheap covered bond rate, Hugh's truism relearned, swaps flat, NZD firms
24 Oct 17, 3:19pm
The coalition deal: Regional Development gets the expected big push, with creation of a $1 bln per annum Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund; minimum wage to rise to $20 per hour by 2021; Kiwibank to get a boost
24 Oct 17, 7:23am
Abe wins big in Japan; Spain convulsing; EU confidence improves; China house prices jump; Argentina backs reform; big profits flow from Aussie regulation; UST 10yr yield at 2.38%; oil and gold up; NZ$1 = 69.6 US¢, TWI-5 = 72.5
23 Oct 17, 10:29am
David Chaston with 10 more things you need to know about developments around and involving China; fraud, smugness, neighbour's views, imbalances, restructuring, illusions, influence, housing, more fraud, and the savings glut
23 Oct 17, 9:15am
"Investing" requires a return at some point. But David Chaston can't see how Auckland's massive public transport 'investment' can ever be anything but an increasing drain on ratepayers and taxpayers. Watch out, the rest of New Zealand
23 Oct 17, 7:25am
US budget deficit jumps, outlook dims; Japan re-elects Abe; UN embarrasses itself again; Baltic Dry high; bitcoin surges above US$6,000; UST 10yr 2.38%; oil up, gold down; NZ$1 = 69.6 USc, TWI = 72.4
21 Oct 17, 10:54am
Just as HSBC ends its 3.87% one year 'special, TSB offers a market-leading new 4.79% three year fixed mortgage rate, significantly lower than all its rivals
21 Oct 17, 10:16am
Cooling housing market could continue as Labour seeks to ramp up KiwiBuild, reduce demand pressure, Ardern says; Maintains goal is for existing values not to drop, though
20 Oct 17, 5:15pm
Labour-led govt will bring in Zero Carbon Act, Climate Commission and have an all-sectors, all gasses pricing scheme; Ardern says Peters agrees on outcome, advocated strongly for the regions, which will show through in policies
20 Oct 17, 2:03pm
Greens tout policy areas including on climate change, welfare, cannabis reform, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health
20 Oct 17, 7:36am
US jobless claims drop; China growth on target; Hong Kong stocks tumble; Spain imposes grip on Catalonia; AU jobless rate falls unexpectedly; UST 10yr yield at 2.33%; oil and gold little changed; NZ$1 = 70.2 US¢, TWI-5 = 72.8
20 Oct 17, 12:12am
National will regroup and be strong Opposition, English and Bennett say; English says decision on his position to be made over the next few weeks, congratulates Ardern and wishes the new government well
19 Oct 17, 9:06pm
We record the benchmarks Peters set for his decision to choose the Labour/Greens option 
19 Oct 17, 7:04pm
Peters says NZ First will go into coalition with the Labour Party to turn around New Zealand capitalism in the face of economic slump which is already here: Arden says 'it's an exciting day'
19 Oct 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home Thursday; no rate changes, dairy payout risk, micro businesses upbeat, steady rental inflation, growth to continue, swaps up, NZD down
19 Oct 17, 1:37pm
Peters says at 1pm: Decision in a few hours; Pros and cons relating to both policy packages; Very, very anxious time for himself and caucus; Will do one final look over each policy offering


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