23 Nov 15, 12:07pm
Roger J Kerr says if early next month the NZD/USD exchange rate is around 0.6500 and whole milk powder prices near to US$2,200/MT then the RBNZ will be justified in holding off from any further OCR interest rate reductions
16 Nov 15, 10:37am
Roger J Kerr says it was speculative betting that pushed the NZ dollar up against its trans-Tasman counterpart
13 Nov 15, 10:02am
Edward Miller on coal’s terminal decline, climate change & poverty, global growth, a John Key smell test, Greek workers let down, Dilbert & more
9 Nov 15, 11:45am
Roger J Kerr says the rising US currency on the back of stronger employment figures can be no major surprise
2 Nov 15, 11:31am
Roger J Kerr says the NZ economy and rugby nation are humming – so why would the currency depreciate?
27 Oct 15, 12:58pm
Roger J Kerr says higher inflation and a stable NZD/USD rate around 0.6500 to 0.6800 may well result in the Reserve Bank ruling out of further interest rate cuts
19 Oct 15, 1:20pm
Roger J Kerr says 'the charts' provide clear blue sky for the NZ dollar to climb all the way up to 0.7000, but it does feel that the appreciation from 0.6250 to 0.6800 has been too far, too fast
19 Oct 15, 8:52am
The New Zealand Initiative’s Jason Krupp argues that councils should be debating TPPA
12 Oct 15, 9:50am
Roger J Kerr says the the doomsday merchants on the NZ economy have been exposed to be well wide of the mark with their views
11 Oct 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues the TPP's proponents should not be surprised by the ungrateful response, but that luckily, it was a bullet dodged rather than the free trade triumph
6 Oct 15, 6:51pm
NZIER's John Ballingall says it is the long term impacts from the TPP that will matter more than the short-term gains
6 Oct 15, 7:50am
TPP deal finally done; PM says deal eliminates tariffs for 93% of NZ exports to US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Peru; Dairy companies disappointed with deal; Beef tariffs removed; drug costs to rise
6 Aug 15, 11:02am
Keith Woodford says 'big' is not always beautiful if you are 'small'. Here are his concerns
6 Aug 15, 10:21am
Keith Cooper is dismayed at the poor understanding of how tariff reduction works. He is also a red meat farmer who is concerned about the TPPA focus on dairy
30 Jun 15, 11:00am
Tim Groser: The future of global trade: US and NZ as partners in the Asia Pacific: Completing the TPP negotiation
28 Jun 15, 3:46pm
Allan Barber compares the prospects of two trade agreements currently being negotiated - the TPPA and the Gulf States FTA - and finds murky waters
14 Jun 15, 4:49pm
Keith Woodford says the Trans Pacific Partnership is caught on American rocks. If it does sail again, he wants to see the fine print
16 Apr 13, 1:42pm
Key pre-announces 50% increase in tourism promotion spending in Budget 2013; signals 2014 election all about stopping Green dominated govt
25 Mar 13, 4:53pm
PM John Key defends Open Bank Resolution policy, denies potential for bank runs after using it; Says deposit insurance too costly for consumers
26 Nov 12, 4:52pm
PM Key on TPP: NZ wants high quality agreement, which means dairy included; Might be phased in over 10 years


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