28 Jun 18, 8:06am
NZD has been one of the worst performers; local rates curve saw a slight steepening bias; US equities slightly lower and UST10s down 5bps; WTI oil prices rose over 3%
27 Jun 18, 8:07am
Against a backdrop of a broadly stronger USD, the NZD has underperformed, while rates markets have barely moved; higher oil prices seem to have offered some support to CAD and AUD; US 10-year rate in a tight range and steady at 2.88%
26 Jun 18, 7:57am
Global equity markets have been rattled by focus on escalating US-China trade tensions; commodity currencies have underperformed but movements have been modest; safe-havens have outperformed; bond market reaction to the trade news has been well contained
25 Jun 18, 8:01am
NZD and AUD ended the week on a positive note; USD struggled to perform against the majors; rates were little changed for the day; PBoC cut the reserve ratio requirement for large commercial banks; focus will remain on the US-China trade war
22 Jun 18, 8:02am
Equity markets and global bond yields have fallen modestly overnight; GBP is stronger on the day; NZD made a new year-to-date low yesterday; NZ 10 year bond yield up 7bps
21 Jun 18, 8:08am
Fed's Powell says case for continued gradual increases in the federal funds rate is strong; USD DXY index up marginally on day; UST 10 yr yields pushed higher; NZD sits at the bottom of the G10 currency leaderboard; local rates were marginally higher
20 Jun 18, 7:58am
Trump announced that he was considering tariffs on $200b worth of Chinese imports; markets have recovered some ground overnight after a generalised flight to safety move; NZD down to around 0.69 USD; UST yields lower
19 Jun 18, 8:04am
NZD is down very slightly from Friday night’s close of 0.6940 and has traded a relatively tight range overnight; concerns about Chinese growth have likely weighed on the AUD; GBP is down 0.2%
18 Jun 18, 8:14am
Commodities bear brunt of escalating trade restriction actions and emerging economies also buffeted, but New Zealand gets off very lightly
15 Jun 18, 8:01am
USD is stronger across the board while the EUR has been hit by a dovish ECB; global rates faced downward pressure; NZD has performed better than most but the USD strength sees it down to around 0.6980
13 Jun 18, 7:48am
NZD and AUD have slightly underperformed in overnight trading; USD is better bid in overnight trading with various dollar indices up around 0.3%; UST 10-year rates have traded in a 2.94-2.98% range and currently sit at 2.96%, up 1bp from the NZ close
12 Jun 18, 8:02am
NZD sits this morning around 0.7020, down ever so slightly from the 0.7030 level it was anchored around for much of last week; EUR has generally had a positive session; US Treasury rates are higher, with a slight flattening bias
11 Jun 18, 7:50am
Markets ignore Trump trade tensions. Brazil recovers. Canada wage data strong, bolstering rate hike expectations. Eyes on US CPI, Fed, ECB, BofJ
8 Jun 18, 8:07am
Brazil’s Real is under significant pressure for the third consecutive day; NZD has held up relatively well, against a backdrop of softer equity markets and lower US Treasury yields; NZ rates were higher across the curve
7 Jun 18, 8:15am
AUD and EUR show the best gains for the day, with safe-havens JPY and CHF dragging the chain; Italy’s bond market remains under pressure, with its 10-year rate up 14bps to 2.90%; NZD is flat to slightly down on most crosses apart from NZDJPY
6 Jun 18, 8:09am
NZD has traded in about a 40pip range over the past 24 hours, dipping as low as 0.6998 this morning, but now back to the 0.7030 mark; GBP has outperformed; US 10-year rate is 3bps lower, likely dragged lower by falling German rates
5 Jun 18, 7:46am
AUD at the top of the leaderboard; NZD trading higher since Friday’s NZ 5pm close against all majors except for the AUD; US 10-year Treasuries are up 3bps to 2.93% for the day, and closer to 6bps higher since the NZ local close on Friday
31 May 18, 8:15am
Yields rise as risk appetite returns. Equity markets also recover sharply. But US-China trade tensions spike again
31 May 18, 8:08am
From a low of 0.6883 yesterday morning, the NZD is now nudging up against 0.7000 USD; EUR is around 1% higher against the USD at 1.1650
30 May 18, 7:51am
Italy delivers serious investor angst which has spread fast to most major markets. The brutal selloff and flight to safety brings sharply lower bond yields


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