23 Aug 17, 12:22pm
Treasury's pre-election fiscal update throws a curve ball at Election 2017; Better government position in 2016/17 to be nearly washed out by weakness through to 2020; Joyce rules out more tax cuts until 2020; What will Labour do?
23 Aug 17, 8:24am
Brian Fallow takes a look at what policies Winston Peters might want enacted in return for propping up a National or Labour led government, - and what they may cost
22 Aug 17, 3:26pm
Labour will make decision on higher top personal income tax rate after Treasury opens the books on Wednesday, Ardern says; Says tweak of Labour's Capital Gains Tax stance was her call
22 Aug 17, 1:01pm
Bill English doesn't want Winston Peters anywhere near NZ's monetary policy settings but can't rule him out becoming Finance Minister - says that's up to voters to decide
22 Aug 17, 10:44am
TOP's Geoff Simmons & Andrew Courtney on why we need to bite the bullet and include the family home in an equity tax
22 Aug 17, 10:15am
Don't scare the horses: Incremental housing affordability improvements the name of the game for both National and Labour ahead of this September's election; Don't mention the war (on prices)
22 Aug 17, 8:01am
English on flat house prices, warns foreign buyers; Won't say 'no' to tax cuts ahead of Prefu; English and Bennett lay into Gareth Morgan; Winston accuses Nats and Labour of spending big on election bribes, says NZF keeping their heads
21 Aug 17, 4:15pm
Election 2017 now a drag race to the finish, PM English says after Dunne quits politics; Calls on wayward Nats to return home (vote-wise); Raises risk of losing prosperity built up last 9 years
21 Aug 17, 2:01pm
ASB economists say the post-election Government will 'have the luxury of choice' when it comes to being able to spend; ANZ economists see 'a plentiful kitty for pork-barrel politics'
21 Aug 17, 1:27pm
National's cheaper GP visit policy possible because of government's fiscal management, Health Minister Coleman says
21 Aug 17, 12:41pm
UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne says won't contest election after 'shift in Ohariu voter sentiment'
21 Aug 17, 10:38am
A paper commissioned by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand says inequality threatens to put a fair share of the country’s prosperity out of reach of many New Zealanders
21 Aug 17, 7:39am
Ardern seeks to keep Shaw's bunch under her Green thumb, turns attention to the centre; English focuses on 'solid' policies of building roads and hospitals to attract deep-down Nats; TOP's Morgan continues Winston infatuation
20 Aug 17, 6:02am
NZ's political fishing season begins: Labour casts for the urban middle class, English baits soft Nats off Winston and the Maori Party's out on a lake they should own
18 Aug 17, 8:01pm
Jacinda Ardern’s ascension to leadership revitalises Labour, up +2% to 32.5%; Turei scandal costs Greens support, down -4.5% to 9%. National slips again
17 Aug 17, 6:20pm
Labour jumps in latest 1 News poll as Ardern matches English for preferred PM; Greens plunge below 5% threshold; National down 3 points; Peters still Kingmaker
16 Aug 17, 10:23am
Economics consultancy and forecaster Infometrics says NZ's net migration may actually be more like 80,000 per year; says ideal should be between 10,500 and 16,600 - but that could take seven years to achieve
15 Aug 17, 1:06pm
Labour leader Ardern maintains 'right and ability' to introduce Capital Gains Tax if working group suggests it next term; Would exempt 'family home'
14 Aug 17, 7:24am
National's boot camp policy a dog-whistle to Winston First voters as English and Joyce seek poll jump; Alex Tarrant says the policy is an insulting acknowledgement of the National Cabinet's lack of understanding on inter-generational poverty
13 Aug 17, 7:02am
Labour's knee-jerk 'clean our rivers' call needs details so it doesn't look like a rural-to-urban wealth transfer in the sheep's clothing of a freshwater policy; On the principles of royalties; And why aren't we talking nitrates?


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