commodities charts

Domain Names

This monthly series of domain names registered in New Zealand is a basic reference for the internet industry.

Data is sourced... Read full story

Readymix concrete

This is one of Statistics NZ "secondary production" benchmarks, and would be a valuable leading indicator of construction activity if it was published in a more... Read full story

Semi-precious metals

The data for these two commodities are from the London Metals Exchange, end of day pricing in US$ per tonne, quoted on a next-day basis.

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Wholesale electricity

Wholesale electricity is sold and priced in a formal real-time market. These charts record the average monthly price for each of three reference points, Otahuhu in... Read full story

ANZ commodity price index

This chart series tracks the monthly ANZ commodity price indexes, as published by the economics service of ANZ Bank. It is a long-running series and one of the most... Read full story

Precious metals

This chart series tracks the price of gold, silver and platinum, as quoted on the London market.

Prices are end-of-day fixings, in US$ per Troy ounce.

The NZ$ equivalents are... Read full story

Dairy prices

This chart series is based on wholesale trader prices in US$ per tonne, as reported, for butter, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, and cheddar cheese. These prices are converted into NZ$ at the... Read full story

NZ milk production

This data is from the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

The members are Fonterra, Tatua Co-operative, Westland Milk Products, Goodman Fielder, Open Country Cheese, NZ... Read full story

Oil and Petrol

These charts follow the weekly prices for crude oil, New Zealand pump prices for unleaded 91 petrol and automotive diesel, as well as the amount of the retail petrol price that is tax, and the oil... Read full story

Log Prices

These log prices are sourced from PF Olsen's monthly Log Report. For detail on each category, see those reports here... Read full story