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Occupancy rates for New Zealand's accommodation industry are the key marker for our tourism industry. This chart tracks data released monthly by Statistics NZ, and is updated about six weeks after the end of each month.

Guest-night data is collected in great detail by Statistics NZ, but only the national data is presented here.

Regional and other data is available directly from

Data is highly seasonal, and is made up of four core components:

1. Hotels and resorts
2. Motels, motor inns, and apartments
3. Backpackers
4. Holiday parks


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"Guest-night data is collected in great detail by Statistics NZ"

Sorry but it is not collected in great detail. I own both Motel and Backpacker, once a month we file the Stats NZ form, from our PMS (reservation software). The results are only as good as any accomodation providers can be bothered filling in the guest's "country of origin" field or it goes to NZ by default. It's much more important to get a guests full name, email, phone number and credit card details, even source of booking ahead of country of origin.
I'm afraid this data has some relevance but is probably no more accurate that the Stats NZ immigration details

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