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Median rents - New Zealand

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median rent
Source: MBIE
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number of new rentals
Source: MBIE

This data is from the Tenancy Bond Service of the Department of Building and Housing, and as such it is very comprehensive.

A typical month sees more than 10,000 bonds registered with the service.

This series tracks the rents for 'new' rentals, the rent when tenants move into a property - it is not tracking rents of renewals on existing properties. It tracks all residential property types, which includes apartments and houses.

The 'median' rent is the middle price. It is different from the 'average' rent (also known as the 'mean'). For example, the median is the series of numbers 1,2,4,5,16,25,40 is 5 - that is the middle number. But the average of that same series is 13.29 - where you add them all up, and divide by the number of them.

This is the raw data and is not seasonally adjusted.

Contact us if you need different details - we have quartile data, a much wider range of housing unit descriptions and bedroom numbers, and every local authority in the country covered.