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ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited

NameANZ New Zealand Investments Limited


[From Manager's website]

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited is ANZ's award-winning investment management business.

We have a strong record of awards for investment performance in New Zealand.

Our history

Our investment business has operated in New Zealand since 1989. It began as Armstrong Jones and in 1996 became part of the global financial services group, ING. In 2002, ING and ANZ formed a joint venture, operating in New Zealand under the ING brand. 

In 2009, the business became fully owned by ANZ and in 2013, changed its name to ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited (ANZ Investments).

Key facts about ANZ Investments:

  • New Zealand's largest fund manager
  • Manage more than $25 billion in investments for over 745,000 investors
  • New Zealand's largest and most-awarded KiwiSaver manager, with one in four New Zealanders in KiwiSaver investing their retirement savings with us
  • One of the nine default KiwiSaver scheme managers appointed by the Government in 2014.