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Fisher Funds Management Profile

[supplied by Fisher Funds]


Fisher Funds Management Ltd (Fisher Funds) was established in April 1998 by Carmel and Hugh Fisher.  The company launched the Fisher Funds NZ Growth Fund in August 1998 and today the company manages approx. $900m across a range of investment strategies including NZ shares, Australian shares, international shares, infrastructure, fixed interest and cash. We are a relatively small, focused team of 20 people with offices in Takapuna, Auckland and San Francisco, California.

Our client base of over 40,000 people has been built up over more than a decade of working to meet their investment needs.  Our mission is “To make investing profitable, understandable and enjoyable” and we live by that philosophy.  We have always had the view that if we can give people great investment returns, communicate honestly and regularly and not try to over complicate or confuse our clients, they will be loyal and tell their friends. 

Fisher Funds is a boutique fund manager. To us, a “boutique” is not about being small or overly specialised. It is about being aligned with client interests and ensuring key management staff own the business. Fisher Funds is 100% New Zealand owned with majority ownership held by the Fisher Funds executive and the balance held by Morrison and Co and related interests.

Investment Team

One of the real strength’s of Fisher Funds is the breadth and experience of our investment team which collectively has more than 100 years’ experience in share market investing.

Profiles of the investment team can be found at:

Investment Approach

The Investment Objective of the Scheme as a whole is to grow the long term value of members’ capital within risk tolerances chosen by members.  The Growth Fund will attempt to more aggressively grow members’ capital by primarily investing in a hand-picked portfolio of quality, growing companies.  The Conservative Fund offers a more defensive portfolio through investing in a mix of asset classes including cash, fixed interest, property and infrastructure securities.

To learn more about how we select our investments go to: