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Forsyth Barr brings you the Summer KiwiSaver scheme.
At Forsyth Barr we understand how important your retirement is and as a New Zealand owned company, we have a history of over 80 years of helping New Zealanders achieve their investment objectives.  
The Summer KiwiSaver scheme has some key differences from other KiwiSaver schemes:

  • We are investment specialists – as part of Forsyth Barr, we have an over 80 year history in investment markets utilising world-class research. Our Investment Committee is chaired by Martin Hawes, a respected investment specialist.
  • We are active managers – this means we respond to market opportunities, rather than passively tracking an index that we can’t control.
  • We keep you informed – both about your money, and, more broadly, by sharing our knowledge of investment markets.
  • We enable you – we are focused on making it easy for you to make changes to your account, and we provide you with access to a network of Authorised Financial Advisers who can help with any guidance you may need.
  • We have a clear, socially responsible investment framework – we will not invest in companies involved in the manufacture of cluster munitions, nuclear explosive devices, anti-personnel mines, the manufacture of tobacco or the processing of whale meat.

The Summer KiwiSaver Scheme is managed by Forsyth Barr Investment Management Ltd. You can obtain the Scheme’s product disclosure statement and further information about the Scheme on this website, from one of our offices, or by calling us on 0800 11 55 66. Forsyth Barr Investment Management Ltd is a licenced manager of registered schemes and part of the Forsyth Barr group of companies. Disclosure statements are available from Martin Hawes and your Forsyth Barr Authorised Financial Adviser, on request and free of charge.