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Milford is managed by a top-level team of people with significant investment industry experience and expertise. Senior members of the Milford Investment Committee currently includes Brian Gaynor, Frances Sweetman, Stephen Johnston and Stephanie Perrin.

Brian Gaynor

Brian is an Executive Director of Milford Asset Management, Head of Investments, Chairman of Milford’s Investment Forum and Private Equity Investment Committee.

Brian’s career includes roles as a Partner and Head of Research at stockbrokers Jarden & Co, and a member of the New Zealand Stock Exchange. He has also been a board member of a number of listed and public owned entities, including the Guardians of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund. He is also one of the original founders of Milford Asset Management and was Portfolio Manager of the Milford Active Growth Funds (Unit Trust and KiwiSaver) from their establishment in 2007 until April 2017.

Frances Sweetman

Frances joined Milford in early 2017 as a Senior Analyst focussed on New Zealand equities. Prior to joining Milford, Frances was a Senior Research Analyst at Craigs Investment Partners, responsible for the New Zealand and Australian exposures of the Private Wealth division. Frances also previously worked as an Analyst at Brook Asset Management focussed on the property, finance and telecommunications sectors and as an Analyst at Macquarie Bank in Sydney, covering the property sector in the institutional equities research team. She holds an MSc in Estate Management from South Bank University, a BA(Hons) in Economics and Business Management from Newcastle University and is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Stephen Johnston

Stephen is the Co-Manager of the Milford Global Equity Fund. He has a wide range of investment experience across global financial markets and different asset classes. Prior to joining Milford in 2013, Stephen was a partner at London based Adelante Asset Management where he was a Senior Portfolio Manager, managing an Emerging Market Equity Fund. Prior to Adelante, Stephen was a Portfolio Manager in London at Threadneedle Investments and Convivo Capital Management, managing various Emerging Market Funds.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Otago and was admitted to the Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 1995.

Stephanie Perrin

Stephanie joined Milford in July 2016 as an Investment Analyst for the Global Equity Fund. She is responsible for conducting research analysis across the portfolio of global listed equities as well as identifying new investment opportunities offshore. Previously, Stephanie spent three years as an Analyst in the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking team and has advised on a range of transactions including the IPO of Evolve Education Group and the sale of Aspire2 Group to Archer Capital. Stephanie graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce and Science, majoring in Finance, Accounting and Pharmacology.

Investment Style

Milford adopts a highly active approach to portfolio management in order to attempt to take advantage of changing market conditions and investment opportunities.

Our key investment principles are:

  • Our overarching aim is to grow your wealth over time.
  • As markets change, we constantly re-evaluate our investments to achieve the best outcomes.
  • We strive to protect investors’ capital in less favourable markets.
  • We interact with hundreds of companies each year to assess where your money should and shouldn’t be.
  • We research investments to identify potential opportunities others may not see.